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Who was a prototype of its excellency in the movie about the aide-de-camp - the intelligence agent?

on September 27, 1867, 140 years ago, in a family of a landless shlyakhtich Zenonga Mai - Mayevsky was born the son who received at the birth a name Vladimir. The sort was primordially Polish and one of the most ancient, but except pride of a name for a long time brought nothing it to owners.

When in front of Vladimir there was a question - whom to be after the termination of a gymnasium, he chose 1 - y military school as he was fond of military history for a long time. Cadet years flew by quickly, and it came to the Nikolaev engineering school. The second lieutenant Mai - Mayevsky was issued from him in three years and began military service with the ordinary platoon commander. In 10 years it grew to the senior aide-de-camp of a staff 13 - y an infantry division, and Bol less solid position received the first already being mature the officer - the chief of a staff of Osovetsky fortress.

The beginning russko - the Japanese war Vladimir Zenonovich met a staff - the officer at management 7 - y the Turkistan shooting crew, and since May, 1905 it appointed the chief of a staff 8 - y East - the Siberian shooting division which was directly involved in military operations against Japanese. By then Mai - Mayevsky was already a colonel.

Further the next 12 - 13 years can be lowered, I will tell only one - the general - the major he became right after the beginning of World War I, and in July, 1917 to it the rank the general - the lieutenant is given. During war Mai - Mayevsky became famous for rare personal bravery and was awarded by Anna, Vladimir, Stanislav 1 - y degrees, a gold St. George`s Weapon, St George`s Crosses 3 - y and 4 - y degrees, a soldier`s St George`s Cross with a branch.

Amazingly, but later half a year after change of a political system in Russia Mai - Mayevsky ran away to Don, and in March, 1918 entered Voluntary army of the general Denikin the simple soldier. In most reckless - Drozdovsky division. When the general Drozdovsky was wounded, and then died, Denikin appointed to his place Mai - Mayevsky, with return of all former awards and a military rank to it.

If to judge by archival documents, Mai - Mayevsky was one of the most furious among denikinsky generals. It drozdovsky the division never stopped before executions, and having occupied the city or the village, right there tried to discover places for gallows. And, unlike intelligent Denikina and Wrangel (that however prevented them to spare Red Army men and all who sympathized with the bolshevitsky mode), Mai - Mayevsky could tell words of one of a smash hit 80 - x years of last century: You prt as a bull, on red color .

The description Mai - Mayevsky which the baron Wrangel gave is curious: Small growth, extremely corpulent, with the red grown fat face, loose-hanging cheeks and an enormous nose - plum, small mouse eyes on the face which is smoothly shaved without moustaches and a beard, it, is not on it a uniform, it would be undoubtedly taken by everyone for the comedian of any provincial scene .

But it is necessary to give a discount and that both denikinsky generals if hated each other, then at the first opportunity tried to let down. But even at the same time Wrangel paid tribute to talent of the rival, his ability to organize people and it is correct to explain a fighting task.

However, the general`s star Mai - Mayevsky was already rolled up. And the cause is was it incessant drinking . According to the contemporary, business reached that he was seldom sober, and in such state to it the sea was knee-deep. Often before attack he drove nearly in the chains on the car, hardly dragged out from it the corpulent body, and, reeling, went ahead of all, without paying attention to the most mad fire of the opponent.

Business ended with the fact that for departure from Tula the general Denikin discharged the subordinate of command. And though on it long ago cried a Red Army checker, Mai - Mayevsky died in general is ordinary. He died on October 30, 1920 of heart attack

during the stay of command of Voluntary army the general - Mayevsky had Mai aide-de-camp Pavel Makarov. Of course, he was not any security officer. However, as well as intelligence agent. The matter is that to transfer valuable data, being directly at the general`s staff, it was simply impossible. And Makarov ingratiated with the general not the scrupulousness or devout execution of any order. It it is successful parted cash flows which were pulled together to the commander.

And eight years later, in 1927 to avoid problems before security officers, Pavel Makarov wrote the book and published it two years later. He called it without philosophizing crafty The general`s Aide-de-camp Mai - Mayevsky . And then, later for many years, the writer and the film writer, the scriptwriter of the serial film Aide-de-camp of his excellency Georgy Seversky shifted this story in a basis of the work.

However, there is also other version where Pavel Vasilyevich Makarov`s history is stated that is called on the other side of a barricade. Like, Pavel was the security officer that he took root into a staff Mai - Mayevasky on the instructions of VChK. Also played a clever game, bringing turmoil in ranks of White Guard generals. Then he managed to run, he by miracle escaped from White Guards, for his head a fantastic sum was declared. Though, any military data have " property; to spoil as boiled sausage on the sun. Today there was one situation, tomorrow - absolutely another, the day after tomorrow everything turns over upside down. So the value of espionage work consists first of all in an opportunity as much as possible quickly to transfer information. And someone began to chase the author of yesterday`s secrets hardly. Eventually, it had a surname Makarov, but not Kotovsk or Budenny.

Where the truth and where a legend it is simple to tell that not so today-. If to come back to the real identity of Pavel Makarov, then he endured the general on thirty with small years and died at the beginning of 50 - x. The movie as you remember, appeared still later - in 1969. Also became a star role of the remarkable actor Yury Solomin. And for us, boys of the middle and the end 60 - x, Pavel Andreevich Koltsov (so according to the movie called the main character) for many years became an idol. And even legendary Stierlitz pressed him not at once