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Whether there will be on Vaucherom`s light Vaucherovich?

on September 26, 1992, 15 years ago, appeared the short message: Young spouses from Uralmash decided to call just been born little son Vaucherom . In bodies of the REGISTRY OFFICE in those days especially did not watch at what parents name the child as the grandfather Shchukar " used to say; Huch a pot call, only in an oven do not put .

So, today the Voucher is 15 years old. What it became? High, broad-shouldered, or if parents hardly make ends meet, lean, lean. Perhaps, to it the first love already came. And his favourite girl calls it gently - gently, on American manners: In - and - at! .

It is not excluded that the boy`s parents spat the weakness to sonorous and unclear words and " long ago; renamed son. And if not, then I want to tell the guy a tale about that from where his name

Idea " went; to rob the people came to people who called themselves democrats, practically right after when the mighty country which not without malice was characterized the empire reeled, both the fast and dexterous began to scramble on shoulders, necks, the heads of those who in this furious turmoil oriented not at once. Imagine the picture: your house stands at the foot of the mountain. Meteorologists predicted a flood of huge force. Someone trusts them, someone is not present, but you see how so far bulk sleeps tricksters begin to get on mountain top. Having in passing taken which - that from your property: an umbrella not to suffer from a rain, a basket with food which you cooked for picnic. And here they did not capture your grandmother. Why to them grandmother?!

Meanwhile, the idea to use vouchers came in these lucid minds not at once. First they decided to act in the old manner: to put in the passport a stamp that the state gives on privatization it - that quantity of money. But here the Ministry of Internal Affairs supposedly brothers reared, and to share who will be?

Then other option was thought over - to get the nominal privatization check in bank that people besieged these establishments, twining them turns. But what is the bank account? All the same it is necessary to give. If put the same 10 thousand virtual rubles, it is necessary to give the most natural. And who knows, as if it developed? Suddenly the people would go storm, especially if to consider the fact that so nobody was going to give the Soviet accumulation.

As a result adopted the Polish idea. In this East European country more we, Russians, studied the book of the great storyteller Nikolay Nosov Dunno on the Moon . You remember beautiful pieces of paper which were bought up by lunar pudges in hope to exchange them for the most real terrestrial seeds that at dachas and kitchen gardens huge fruits grew? Such cheerful pictures appeared in Poland where each citizen was handed the right for privatization in the form of the voucher. But unless not we as fantastic lunar pudges, dreamed that ours one-time - green pieces of paper with the image of the White House and the inscription 10000 in one or two years, and it is better directly tomorrow, materialize in the dense crackling notes, it is desirable green color and with the image of the president Lincoln?

In order that candy wrapper it turned out beautiful and reliable turned the look to Switzerland. You remember a slogan? 100 - only the Swiss bank can give a percentage guarantee. All of them considered, fans to dip a hand into others pocket. And even psychological aspect, having ordered design in the Swiss company Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. And this mysterious figure 10000 filled hearts of people with a pleasure presentiment. Also it seemed: two more zeroes, and I am already a millionaire! Here - here, and the dream of the idiot will come true!

It came then sobering up. Someone managed to get rid of candy wrappers for more or less decent money (from 10 to 100 rubles) which - who from practical helped out for two vouchers two bottles of vodka, others pecked on announcements of the " type; I Change the voucher for the Chinese down-padded coat . But the most doubting buratina hided a gift from Switzerland in lockers and shkatulochka where the most valuable was stored. I supposedly will look what will be with vouchers in a year - another. Suddenly it will be possible to sell for 100 - 150 thousand?

It was not possible! Because soon, when pool was played these pieces of paper and remained pieces of paper. With them even in known for two letters of a " institution; em zho to go was uncomfortable, glossy were, infections . Now, 15 years later, it is necessary to wait still some 85 that these pieces of paper received the status of cultural value. Then them it is possible to push to some American tourists as a souvenir. Not to be too lazy, to live!

If to sum up the short result of a vaucherization, then it it is possible to divide on two levels. In - the first, to the people as if allowed to participate in repartition of property, to feel that you are an owner on the earth then having popularly explained that all property they spent on drink and profukat . And, in - the second, exactly there, in volume far, 15 - summer are far, springs from which rough streams of welfare of those our compatriots were born then that today are restricted in the list of billionaires of the " magazine are covered; Forbes .

Here such affairs, dear Vaucher!

The poet - stands Vladimir Mayakovsky would be living, he would build a certain short flight of stairs:

Who is valuable more

of History? Vaucherom`s


Chubais? They are inseparable


as party and Lenin!

A you, companion,

turnip of a chesh!

you Help the enemy,

if you mold

wide of the mark!