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Disappear you or That it Pulse of a denur ?

Night. Cemetery. Black candles burn. Ten bearded men - Jews are shaken in a prayer. One in a white attire. The others in black.

What is done by married adults at night on a cemetery? What they pray for?

About DEATH. The fellow - the Jew. Yes will die guilty of crimes against the Jewish people. Amen.

The prayer is finished. In total. Sentenced more than 30 days will not live. But if the sentence is unfair or made on false charge, the death will return behind each of praying. Also there will be no rescue from it.

Prayer Pulse of a denur takes the sources in extreme Judaic antiquity. In translation from Aramaic these words mean blow fiery whip . According to the legend the prophet Eliyagu owned secret of revival after death and intended to open it to the people. Severe Jewish god was angry with the aged man. Only he, the Almighty, decides destinies of people and disposes voluntarily of their life and death. The Almighty " called; malkhy habat - angels - torturers, they also punished the impudent prophet in 16 blows of a fiery whip. The secret of revival went with the damned prophet to the earth. And the prayer - a damnation remained in traditions of the Judaic people and lived up to now. Any religion of Islamic or Christian sense does not know such prayer - a paternoster.

The religion Judaic developed traditionally so that the Jew cannot betray death of the Jew. It is commanded from above. It is justified historically in continuous wars to the death of the people of an izrailev. But there is one very old law of early Judaism Dean Rodef justifying death penalty of the Jew who betrayed the people of the Torah, gave the earth to the enemy.

Ultrareligious branches of Judaism and kabbalists own force of this prayer. But responsibility for murder of the innocent is so big that it was applied Pulse of a denur extremely seldom - one - two times a century, and that not everyone. Understanding inevitability of a sentence, damned allotted term to correct the crime, the chance of life was given if the error could be corrected still.

Game went to opened - damned appeared that he is sentenced to death. Besides, the religious law orders to apply this damnation only against the tribespeople. Therefore ritual of a damnation neither was not applied to Stalin, nor to Hitler. Yasser Arafat became an exception only. Coincidence or galakhichesky regularity, nobody will answer now. Official confirmation of carrying out Pulse of a denur according to Arafat it is not shown yet. Absolutely precisely from testimonies of performers of ritual it is known that Pulse of a denur it was made according to Trotsky. Did not pass also 40 days when overtook its blow an ice axe.

Times and customs. In prompt the twentieth and apokapoliptichesky the twenty first time, apparently, contracted in a spiral. And already one follows Pulse of a denur for another with a gap in 10 years.

In October, 1995 publicly, in the presence of mass media, the prayer - a damnation on twice prime minister of Israel, the war hero, the fighting general, " was made; to the bulldozer To Itzhak Rabin. It was given 30 days of life. On November 4 Rabin was got in a back by three nine-squared papers ultra - Yigal Amir`s religioznik. He received the fourth from agents of intelligence agencies in an ambulance car. Control shot, but bad. Rabin already in hospital died.

And background such is. On one of the Russian radio channels of Chicago Planet Echo (there is in the Network aloud, time from 7 to 10 in the morning for the Chicago money, Monday through Friday, I invite to listen) works and every Wednesday the kabbalist and a far right religioznik, our commentator on Israel Avigdor Eskin who stayed term in the Israeli prison for an ultrapravizm acts and recent it is almost constant in Moscow from - for threats of the second landing. I do not divide it ultra, but I cannot but take off a hat before encyclopedic erudition, charisma and a peculiar piranha devotion to the Israeli people. The person living abroad from 17 years kept brilliant Russian, is it is aware of all events in the world, conducts huge educational and religious work.

I met Avigdor at his author`s meetings in Chicago. Bewitches personal charm and just kills with the entsiklopedichnost. During a vacation it continued to keep reportings from prison. It was possible to hear the Arab and ivritsky speech through a tube of prison phone. (The reporting with a loop on a neck of fuchikovskiya). It is unacceptable for me how it refracts the knowledge given it, but I cannot but respect its freedom to state and propagandize the ideas. Avigdor has the website, about it is much written, he writes much. Who will become interested, will be able always to find about it information in the Network.

What relation Avigdor to " has; Pulse of a denur ? And here what. In the summer of 1995 Avigdor handled to the known ravin - the kabbalist Iosef Dayan an initiative to make Pulse of a denur according to Itzhak Rabin. Dayan, the native of Mexico repatriated to Israel the old follower Kahane and the member of the KAH party forbidden subsequently, holds huge authority on far right religious circles. It gave the consent and brought together 8 more people of religious Jews for ritual departure. On Avigdor`s memoirs, all participants realized huge responsibility for act. And Avigdor was ready to accept death of punishment. Avigdor Eskin officially took the responsibility for the " organization; Pulse of a denur but the authorities could not put him from - for lack of the relevant article in the legislation of the state of Israel. Went further.

After commission of a ceremony it was necessary to inform, by tradition, Rabin his sentence. Dayan went to Rabin`s residence protected as a citadel. Close to the residence it was not admitted, but where the police resolved, about the residence in the presence of journalists Dayan read the contents (of course, not its confidential part read at night) Pulse of a denur also answered questions of journalists. He called the released life term to the prime minister and explained mass media for what crimes against the people Itzhak Rabin is sentenced to death. (It is interesting that the murderer Yigal Amir sentenced to life imprisonment already in prison married the woman from Alija`s Russian Larisa Trembovler. Marriage was officially registered, but the family will be able to have children only by artificial insemination). Already interestingly?

Year 2005. In July, 2005 following - shchy - a neck (I do not know Hebrew) " is made; Pulse of a denur . According to Ariel Sharon. Of course, it became known to damned Sharon, but the person he was not superstitious, quite secular, and before mass media laughed at these mrakobesiya. Whether oh? To it 180 days were left to live. It was known from mass media to the whole world. A certain Italian, the owner of a small pizzeria, sends to Ariel the personal letter in which he reports an ancient Italian national charm from damnations - to pull himself the causal place, and at the same time invites to come to eat pizzas at it at small restaurant. We laugh together. At Sharon it was far better to lay hands, than to pull itself genitals, I remember the political tension of those of days of eviction from territories.

On January 4, exactly in 180 days after Pulse of a denur Sharon receives the letter by e-mail on approach of hour of the Bull. On the same day it is struck by blow (blow a fiery whip?) and staunch Sharon becomes a vegetable.

Sceptics can laugh, I will join, but with caution. (Fie - fie, chur me.) But any believer or even slightly believing Jew will not laugh at this history.

Kabbalistika - one of the most difficult and confused sciences, in it is a lot of dedication stages, it is a lot of knowledge closed for laymen, it is a lot of mysterious and sacral. (And what there our gold-digger - the blonde Madonna was put?)

I want to return to the poor creature prophet Eliyagu owning secret of revival from the dead. To find its mogilka and to posproshat about secrets of revival and secrets of a prayful damnation. Not to find. Not to ask. Poor Eliyagu is the wise man - Rabin, Sharon of antiquity Judaic.