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What do we know about lipstick?

in the territory of the Lipetsk region archeologists when carrying out excavation in one of burials found lipstick. Scientific researches showed that age its about two thousand years.

you Should not be surprised. The woman always remains the woman. Irrespective of time when she lived. Of course, it is possible to assume that in so old times lipstick was available only to rich women.

lipstick can be found Today in a handbag of any woman. Without it anywhere.

What to hide here, lips affect men excitingly. Psychologists explain this phenomenon with the fact that, somewhat, female lips act as a symbol of ladies` genitals. And men even if and unconsciously, see between them communication.

of the Woman, in turn, let too unconsciously, try to emphasize this symbol. Here also make up lips in brightly - red (and now and in other colors), with one purpose - Choose me! .

Usual lipstick consists of four components: basis, additives, dyes and fragrances.

the Basis is various wax-like substances (for example, wax of palm leaves) and oils (most often apply castor oil which perfectly softens lips).

as the additives which are a part of lipstick most often apply vitamins A and E. They possess anti-inflammatory action, contain plant extracts and sun-protection filters.

About dyes and fragrances and is so clear.

, It seems, anything terrible. On the contrary, there is even a lot of useful. All this so.

But needs to be remembered that lipstick production process - business thin. It is worth breaking necessary temperature condition or period of storage of components, to change proportions or to replace one of the making elements to it with similar, - and the turned-out product becomes potentially hazardous to health of the person.

Physicians testify: the woman using cheap cosmetics daily absorbs several grams of toxic agents. And your lipstick can be not only a source of attraction to itself of man`s attention, but also a source of various diseases. Since an allergy, and finishing stomach ulcers with hormonal changes of an organism.

to you it should - poison itself, darling?

Therefore the main council for women: use only high-quality lipstick of the checked firms - manufacturers .

To define quality of lipstick, it is possible to make small experiment. Draw lipstick a line on a paper leaflet. At high quality the line will be uniform, without lumps, pellets and roughnesses. Besides, on a surface of lipstick there should not be droplets or smudges. Tells not plasticity, fragility and a bad smell about bad quality. Qualitative lipstick has to be applied softly and easily on lips, exactly lay down, not spread and not roll down. It should not pull together lips, to leave feelings of weight and spots after deleting.

So, you bought qualitative, good lipstick. You use it and you rejoice. But also here it is necessary to be careful. Do not forget about an expiration date. The maximum expiration date - three years. But it if you store the tube in the refrigerator and to apply lipstick on lips with a brush. At usual use the expiration date is reduced to a year. And if on lipstick sunshine get, then in three months lipstick will be unsuitable.

What lipstick is? It is rather an information for men. We, women, about the to the girlfriend we know everything.

1. The moisturizing lipsticks not only paint lips, but also soften them, preventing a peeling. In them the increased content of oil. It is possible to refer fast erasability to shortcomings.

2. Nutritious lipsticks protect lips from cracks in a cold season, a large amount of wax is their part.

3. Resistant and superresistant lipsticks do not leave marks and can keep on lips till 24 o`clock. They are easily put and have pleasant texture. The painting pigments in mix with air are their part. When the last disappear, on lips there is a colored film. But it is not recommended to use resistant lipsticks every day as they dry lips.

4. Hygienic lipsticks prevent dryness and emergence of cracks. Are ideal for care of lips in the winter. Incorporate vitamins, the nutritious, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory substances. But, unfortunately, similar lipsticks do not shade lips therefore their application has no decorative character.

5. A lip gloss is ideally suited for a natural make-up. Contain vegetable dyes in a small amount, oils and vitamins. But it is necessary to be careful with drawing, gloss easily blurs.

Well, and time we started talking about men (for them we try), the last council. If lipstick carried out the task, you fascinated the admirer and are ready to merge with him in a passionate kiss, wait, stop for a second and remove lipstick from the lips. Do not poison men! That the trouble, as in one poem did not happen: It is strangled by female beauty, killed with its lipstick...