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How to prolong female century ?

How many women would not speak about career and emancipation, all of them equally seek to remain Women at any age. To feel the interested views of men, to listen to compliments, to tempt and be darlings. Fifty years are a difficult age, but the main thing to understand advantages of this age, and then it is possible to remain desired and attractive, as for the spouse with which in marriage, say, nearly 30 years, and to meet the man of the dream if you for any reason are lonely

At first now about what should never be done categorically:

to be the trying to look younger old woman;

to indulge in memories of vlyublennost in youth, i.e. to emphasize that youth passed;

to become the grandmother who has all behind, i.e. to cease to be interested in life;

to limit the stay only home and work.

What waits for the woman at this age? The most important - to overcome reorganization of an organism and mentality. In some countries of the East approach of a menopause at the woman is celebrated even more solemnly, than weddings or the births. Therefore the most main idea which has to to sit down in the head - we do not grow old, we enter a time of Indian summer, and that it lasted long, it is necessary just to put slightly - slightly efforts. To prolong female century needs to follow five basic rules in life.

Rule first: ukhozhennost and confidence!

So, cares on the house became much less, children, and even grandsons already grew up, so it is possible to give more attention to the person, a figure, clothes. Help the skin, consult to the cosmetologist. It is not obligatory to pursue show stars at all - business and to apply surgical methods. Use qualitative creams, masks, srubs And you will begin to look perfectly.

You are not lazy: if there is a desire, register in aerobics, dances, yoga. If it not for you, think up the charging - warm-up and do her houses at any convenient time or make walks on park or the square every day, only not with string-bags in hands.

Reconsider the clothes, you will throw out things of your youth without regret. Now it is possible to buy stylish clothes with big discounts, we do not pursue the latest fashion. Our purpose - to find the unique style to exhale an ukhozhennost and confidence.

Rule second: sexuality!

It is no secret that with approach of a menopause sexuality of the woman increases. The love relations are free with experiences I will heal or not. The nature allows you to be liberated and feel the goddess of sex. Quite often younger men are attracted by middle-aged women because they do not seek to get married, ideal mistresses are indulgent to weaknesses also.

Rule third: mysteriousness! Than can be attracted with

really men? It is mysteriousness and contrasts. Create the imagined love intrigue - romantic telephone conversation in the presence of colleagues, ask the friend of the family or the distant relative to give a ride to you after work. The main thing, on inquiries who it was? to answer something foggy Such mysteriousness will help to show everything that are interested in you, and, perhaps, someone will look at you absolutely in a different way.

Rule fourth: contrasts!

Afford contrasts. If you prefer an official style in clothes, occasionally appear in clothes of romantic style. Replace trousers with a skirt or on the contrary. On a party of the grandson put on the teenager, and for New Year`s evening surely think up to yourself a suit from the Grandma - Yozhka or the Gipsy dance to the Fairy as far as you will be able to get used to a role.

Rule fifth: ease on rise!

I, at last, be light on the feet. Attend exhibitions and the museums, parks, go to days off to some excursion. If you love giving - please, only do not stick out and there only on beds

Conforming to these five rules, you will force to look in a new way at you the spouse or will find the man of the dream.

Also be happy in marriage or just with the partner in life!