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What is the green card and the Lottery of green cards?

the Green card - the slang name of the document (form) No. I - 151 - certificates on the right of the foreigner for full-time residence in the USA, or as spoke earlier, residence permit. It represents a plastic card of the size of a credit card, bears on itself the photo, immigration number of the owner, his personal information, validity period, a thumbmark of the right hand and a stroke - a code. Long ago - long ago cards were printed on a greenish background, then on pinkish, and now on white. From here also the name " went; Green card or green card. I will also operate with this term. I will at once make a reservation that I am not an immigration lawyer. I worked long time with an immigration paraligal (there is such specialty, like the paralegal) at lawyer office. From here and knowledge of a subject of article.

In what the status of the permanent resident differs from the status of the citizen? Only one: right for vote. The permanent resident has the same rights and opportunities, as the citizen, including service in armed forces of the USA. Discrimination on the basis the citizen - not the citizen is punished by the law.

The green card is a document temporary. All visas of the USA are divided into immigration and non-immigrant visas. The green card is considered the document issued on the basis of receiving the right to immigrate to the country, i.e. the immigration visa. Temporary it is because the owner of the green card has the right after five years of stay in the country to give on citizenship of the USA and an opportunity to receive it.

Why only opportunity? Because if in 5 calendar years the immigrant lived outside the USA more than 6 calendar months, he is not considered the permanent resident any more. Or if for these 5 years offenses were made. Or the person filled up examination on nationality (English and history of the USA). Or refuses to swear to a flag of the USA for religious or political reasons.

The green card for 10 years is issued. The subsequent extension of the document is allowed if the person for any good reasons could not obtain citizenship. But it is not welcomed.

The sense of the green card is that it is the document of the foreigner , the citizen of others country who is constantly living in the USA. Officially in translation from English it and is called - a registration card of the foreigner.

The owner of the green card has the right to leave the USA to any countries of the world and to come back freely to the country. Restriction concerns the persons who received the green card on the basis of the status of the political refugee. (Besides, 2 types of refugees differ: Refuge - received the status in the country in the U.S. Embassy, and Asylee, been granted asylum, being already in the territory of the USA). The shelter is granted to both those and other refugees on the basis of the convincing proof before U.S. authorities of existence of threat for their safety and actually lives in the country of prosecution. This category of persons, in case of trips to the countries from which they ran from prosecutions calls into question plausibility of fears for the life that leads to deprivation of the initial status of the refugee and consequently, and green cards.

As this article serves as forestalling to material about that as well as who should not play the Lottery of green cards, we will stop in more detail on the basic rules of a lottery. Annually the list of member countries of the Lottery is defined by State Department. Rules are simple - has the right to participate in draw each of full age residents of member countries if he answers selection criteria - education and specialty. A form of submission of applications - electronic. Biographic data are specified in the application and the photo is attached. On an envelope the code of the continent and the address of either the applicant, or the authorized representative in the USA or any other country where the mail service is most reliable is specified.

In recent years Russia was excluded from member countries and excluded from participation in the Lottery - 2009 as over the last 5 years its participations left from Russia to the USA more than 50000 immigrants. However it does not mean that all Russians in general are deprived of the right of participation in the Lottery of green cards. We will talk about it in article about participation in draw.

From October 3 to December 2, 2007 there is a collecting and accumulation of applications. Further there is their processing and computer rejection on duplication and disqualification owing to mistakes. Then there is a draw.

As it works: 55 thousand visas are allocated. 550 thousand applications are saved up. By simple division the computer unsnaps directly according to the list of each multiple applicant and they remain winners of a lottery. Further there is a process of the written notification about a prize, collecting a package of documents for confirmation of the data specified in the application and further paper work of the National visa center. Process occupies one and a half - two years. Therefore also the visas played in 2007 will be available to winners only in 2009. From here and the name of a lottery of this year - the Lottery of green cards of the USA 2009.

Interestingly, as the European Union considers carrying out similar lotteries blue " cards;. The European Union countries need annually injection of 200000 skilled workers. So far the question is for consideration.

If the winner Loterei ever was in the territory of the USA on any of non-immigrant visas and did not leave the country in established periods, then the penetrativny bylaw " joins; quarantine . What does it mean? If the visa was expired less than for one year, is entered quarantine on entry into the USA for a period of 3 years if it is overdue more than for a year - for 10 years that automatically leads to disqualification of the winner. Law quarantine works also at the usual address for entrance guest or business - the visa. By this principle practically all embassies of the countries of Europe work.

Now there take place expanded meetings between the Russian and American sides on settlement of migration and immigration, and also a visa regime. It is complicated by the fact that Russia and Switzerland remain the only countries of Europe where citizens of the USA have to ask entry visas. Discontent of the Russian side with toughening of a visa regime from the USA is caused by mass restriction for entrance according to tourist and guest visas of the Russian citizens to the USA. But extends the same restrictions of the USA also to citizens of all countries of the former Soviet Union. Violation of a visa regime by the citizens of these countries remaining in the USA with expired visas and who are filling up army of millions of illegal immigrants is the reason for that.

The question of illegal immigration is one of the sharpest in internal affairs of the state now. More than 20 million undocumented foreigners live and work in the country, without paying taxes. More than transparent borders in the south of the country are not capable to constrain a stream of illegal Latin American immigration. I do not exclude that mass refusal in issue of visas to citizens from the East European countries is caused by an uncontrollable flow of violators of border and U.S. authorities thus try to keep at least status quo which is available in the country. (I plan to tell in detail about how to increase the chances of obtaining the guest visa in separate article).

But and how then with freedom of immigration, the USA considers themselves as the free and open country? The Lottery of green cards of the USA give equal chances to citizens of the countries of all continents, persons interested to move on a constant residence to the USA. The country accepts only according to the lottery visa 55 thousand citizens of other countries a year. On each of 55 thousand lucky hundreds of thousands of visas to members of families of the won person are used still in addition. Proceeding from a conditional example of a family with two children, the huge figure appears. Considering the population of all state, such annual figure of inflow of foreigners speaks about sufficient openness of immigration policy of the USA which symbol is the Statue of Liberty with the words traced on it: Come to me, all offended and unfortunate, everything, the looking for freedoms . A lottery of green cards - your chance. And about that as well as who should not use it, we will talk in the following article.

Good luck that who will decide to participate, and victories.