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From where there was an expression For sure ?

on September 25, 1792, 215 years ago, in a family of the rich Kolomna merchant Ivan Lazhechnikov the son who was named in honor of the father Ivan was born. Lazhechnikov - the senior had a reputation for one of the most educated people not only in Kolomna, but did not begin to spend time for the son especially, having invited for training of the boy of the Frenchman - the tutor. Under the leadership of the monsieur future writer comprehended education elements. The benefit the Frenchman was very educated and had progressive views of many things.

However, the Frenchman faded as if after a while into the background because someone from competitors wrote a false denunciation of the successful merchant, and soon Ivan Lazhechnikov - the senior was imprisoned not where - nibud, and at once in the Peter and Paul Fortress. Fortunately, at that time the star of the emperor Pavel was gone rather quickly, the father was let out from an imprisonment, but it was not succeeded to lift business in former volume.

However, it especially did not affect the son. He early began to write, and in 15 years placed a certain similarity of the essay " in one of popular magazines; My thoughts . Readers hardly guessed that the thinker was so young, more reflections were rather interesting to those. Generally, with the press it was lucky. And the young writer right there burst in new thoughts, having printed Military song and reasoning About carelessness of Europe . This carelessness soon brought Bonaparte on the Russian land, the father tried to buy the son from mobilization but 20 - the summer young man also did not want to hear about sitting out behind backs of others.

And correctly made because soon French were driven away, and he, thus, saw Europe, having finished war in Paris. And having returned from war, grew bolder to the fact that he wrote the book which called modestly: First experiences in prose and verses . The book appeared, some time Lazhechnikov strutted about, but when he read the opus several years later, was convinced that talked nonsense . Ivan Ivanovich hunted for this book with persistence of the bibliopole. And having bought the book, with gloating burned it in a fireplace.

However, following book Marching notes of the Russian officer it was pleasant to it much more, here only friends reproached that is more useless so before the Prussian to exchange bows. Just in case Lazhechnikov decided to publish this creation only after wrote the official report on dismissal from army.

Further the writer was frankly lucky. During the management of the Penza gymnasium and national schools, it in newly opened Chembarsky district school, in 1823, distinguished the young pupil Vissarion Belinsky who became for Ivan Ivanovich not so much a pupil, how many the first listener. And dear teacher he was not sorry, criticizing that is called in a tail and a mane. But novels at Lazhechnikov began to appear without obvious mistakes and absurdities. First serious work Last Novick by right it is considered one of pioneers of the Russian historical novel.

In 1838 Lazhechnikov published the next novel called by it Infidels . One of the acting heroes of this novel - the foreigner - the doctor Anton. Said about it that he is not so much a doctor, how many the poisoner. Time took in head one local barin, the old man, to undergo treatment at it, - one of heroes of the novel says to another, - how allowed to drink, did in. And the boy, the baronial servant whom he loved as the son was only put to lips of the dead to say goodbye... right there died. The potion which Anton gave to the dead man " was so strong;. This expression unexpectedly got accustomed and on the influence on contemporaries can be equated to modern introductions, the " type; Ruff your " copper; or Yola - a pala

But if in a context Basurmana for sure quite is in harmony at least with a profession of the hero who allowed to drink medicine to the patients, a smyslvyrazheniye in the next years and decades changed a little. Now we equate this expression to such as out of any doubts we want that or not or, say, without any exaggerations . But the most important not in it. To most of our contemporaries surname Lazhechnikov practically tells nothing, but for sure they know and even sometimes apply in the speech.

And now give slightly - slightly we will turn a history kaleidoscope, we will look in the past under a different view. What remains in memory of descendants? Multivolume work or the capacious phrase from three - four words? Most often, the last. Let`s check. How many tragedies or sonnets great Shakespeare wrote? Remember, without peeping in the encyclopedia? And here the most capacious expression of one of Shakespeare`s heroes, you will call even if to will wake you at daybreak, with the first roosters: To be or not to be? .

In any case Shakespeare? Let`s take Lermontov. It is sure that the part of readers seriously believes that Hagi - Murat the second lieutenant Lermontov wrote. But if we say The sail lonely " Grows white; here 99 percent from 100 will surely call Lermontov.

And therefore, my dear, look for those treasured three words which will allow to identify you in 20 - 30 or 150 years. Even if your work will not be called War and peace descendants will unmistakably tell your name. Here only where to find it?

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