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What did Laynus Poling become famous for?

Noting the entry into the third millennium, the world of science celebrated two more dates, closely connected among themselves. One of these dates - century from the date of delivery of the first Nobel Prizes. So, in 1901 the decision to award awards on physiology and medicine to Emil von Beringu, on physics to William Rentgen and in chemistry to Jacob Want - Goffu was made.

Since 1901 - go years till today the Nobel award was got by more than four hundred scientists. It should be noted that awards are awarded only by the living scientist; posthumous rewarding is not provided by the charter.

Besides, no more than three people can be, as a rule, awarded with the Nobel Prize for this or that opening. In some cases the award is halved between different scientists and awarded for different opening.

Received awards Maria Sklodovskaya twice - Curie (1903 - on physics, 1911 - in chemistry), John Bardin (on physics, 1956 and 1972), T. Segner (1958, 1980, both in chemistry), Laynus Poling (1954 - in chemistry; 1962 - World award).

So it turned out that Laynus Poling is responsible for the second anniversary celebrated in 2001. He was born in Portland (USA) on February 28, 1901.

His father very much wanted that the son was learned, but died when Laynus was 9 years old, having left a family in need. But the son too very much wanted to study.

In 1917 it came to Oregon agricultural college with release from a payment for the doctrine. He not only studied, but also worked, supporting mother and two sisters. And, despite counteraction of mother, continued training.

Laynus came to Harvard, and then passed to work in California Institute of Technology. There he in 1925 received degree of the doctor of philosophy in chemistry.

It one of the first applied quantum mechanics to research of a chemical bond, sure that structure - a key to understanding of chemical properties of molecules.

Made it at the age of 23 - x years of opening in the field of structure of a molecule led to creation of the theory about communications of substances. These its works were noted by the Nobel Prize in chemistry subsequently.

Poling wrote: I got the Nobel Prize for the fact that I was curious .

If the person is talented, he is talented in everything. After Eystein Poling became the second most great scientist of the 20th century which on social activity and political influence had no equal in scientific community.

As a rule, the Nobel Prize laureate become once. Laynus Poling got two Nobel Prizes. It immortalized his name twice.

One of initiators of the Paguoshsky movement, he opposed tests of the nuclear weapon, war of the USA in Indochina, for as received Nobel Peace Prize.

He could receive and the third Nobel Prize - its works allowed Watson in due time and to Shout to decipher structure of DNA and to receive for it, quite deserved, Nobel. But it went some other way.

With 60 - x years it switched to studying of the natural substances applied in medicine. The people remember it as supporter of application of huge doses of vitamin C for prevention and preservation of good health.

He died in 1994 - m to year, but at it was many pupils and followers. Even in areas, very far from chemistry. Which of programmers does not know Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux OS? And it was called in honor of Polinga.