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How to turn dream into jam?

the Famous Polish writer Stanislav Ezhi Lets claimed that from dream easily it is possible to cook jam, it is only necessary to add some fruit and to sugar.

And how you consider what jam is better, store or house? The answer is unambiguous. Of course house. By the way, dietitians too so think. You will not begin to cook rotten or dirty fruit jam and in dirty ware. Very good jam turns out only from very good raw materials. You will try not to assume that it burned slightly. You will not regret time to weld it rather slowly, sometimes in stages to keep a maximum of vitamins and other useful things. And taste, and a smell at your jam is for certain better, than at store. You weld it according to the, special recipe.

So, we take ripe, good-quality berries. We wash out them, we touch and we delete fruit stems and stones (if they are). We sift sugar for jam through a sieve that foreign impurity did not get to syrup. Syrup can be welded in advance, at the rate of one kilogram of sugar on two glasses of water, then berries after cooking will be more whole. But is more often than it do not do, and add sugar directly to fruit.

Sugar and fruit pour layers at the rate of kilogram on kilogram and leave for 7 - 8 hours. Syrup is formed of the emitted juice and sugar. All focus in that fruits and berries well became impregnated with syrup and at further cooking was kept by the look, taste and aroma. For this purpose at some fruits, for example plums and apricots, it is desirable to puncture a peel with a needle previously.

We cook jam in a copper basin. It is possible to cook also in enameled, but it distributes heat worse, and jam can burn slightly. Do not cook jam in aluminum ware at all! Why to you in your jam toxic compounds of aluminum? Slowly, slowly, very slowly, at careful hashing by a wooden shovel, we bring jam to boiling. We boil 10 minutes. Then it is good to add 250 more grams of sugar, but it is possible it and not to do.

We remove jam from fire, and in 5 - 6 hours we cook longer it to necessary density. The fruits are firmer, the longer they should be cooked. It is possible also in three stages, with intermediate cooling. We remove a skin surely that jam was more transparent.

But here the skin ceased to disperse at the edges, and gathered in the center of ware, fruit ceased to emerge, and were evenly distributed on all volume of syrup, the syrup drop which is poured out on a saucer does not blur, and stiffens - hurrah, jam is ready!

For strengthening of taste and aroma several minutes prior to the end of cooking add a teaspoon of lemon acid to jam or squeeze out in it couple of lemons. Acid promotes so-called inversion of sugar, that is, to transformation of sucrose of which sugar, in glucose and fructose consists that does jam much more usefully than pure sugar. Such operation, by the way, promotes that jam gets thick stronger, but becomes candied less.

Unless it is not fine to drink in a fierce winter icy cold a tea with sweet jam and to remember fragrant and tasty summer?