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Why the Moon influences an organism and activity of the person? It it is easy to explain

on a nanolevel. From antiquity the Moon and stars drew attention of the person. The mass of supervision about communication of their arrangement with all aspects of human life and all live collected.

Astrology began to reckon with development of science as a pseudo science. Scientists could not explain the observed facts rationally. And only clear was considered as science. And only now, when matter managed to get deep into and to see its particles of one in size a milliard share of meter, could understand how on these particles others act, on distance already in billions of kilometers.

I already wrote how rest the things surrounding the person in the ancient time was considered natural, then became unclear and spoke only a nanolevel.

The Moon cycle time in an orbit - about 28 days, during this time it comes back to the former place. And what at the same time occurs at us under legs? All know about sea inflow and otliva. Water is attracted by the gravitational power of the Moon, and such wave follows on a surface of the seas and oceans after the Moon. But gravitation affects separately each atom and a molecule, attracting them. Just on water it is more visible from - for its uniformity in huge scales and fluidity.

Each part of our organism experiences inflow and otliva of gravitational force too. Liquid blood especially. And all cycles of activity of an organism are attached to the Moon cycle time.

But there is more to come! Parts of firm Earth experience cyclic influence of gravitational force too. If fluid water is attracted to the Moon on several meters, then the firm earth stretches towards the Moon on half-meter and for several centimeters sideways. It is established by geophysics.

And as I already wrote, solid bodies have the ordered crystal structure. Its distortion causes change of electric and magnetic fields. As the expert in the field of physics of a solid body, I am engaged in studying of these processes many years. You remember how in old players of phonograph records pyezokristallichesky sound pickups were used? The movement of a needle distorted a crystal, in is mute there were electric charges which turned then into music. And the attraction of the Moon excites small electric and magnetic fields which develop then in total on the Earth`s surface in crust. And this periodic field penetrates us too. Also develop gravitational with straight lines. And all our parts are distorted under the influence of this field and gain the properties defined at this moment. So any magic - continuous science.

Communications of activity of the person - diseases, drug intake, food, mood, progress - with phases of the Moon the set of articles is devoted. Including in Shkolezhizni . But in the section The Fan - Shui and unknown . Write about final manifestations of this influence, and I described the influence mechanism here. It is pure science. But not all learned.

In the same way the arrangement and other heavenly objects causes difficult structure of physical fields, periodic with the different periods of repetition, in each point of Earth. And their concrete features can affect features of further life of each person who is there. What sets thinking also on scientific grain in astrology.

Think of all this, listen to the organism - and life will become better. Knowledge - force!