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Ararat - a final resting place of Noah`s Ark?

Over a riddle of a wooden skeleton of the ship lying highly on a mountain slope, mankind fight not one millennium.

the First certificates on detection of Noah`s Ark appeared long before Christmas. The historian Iosif Flavy in the work " wrote to a Christianity era about it; Judaic antiquities . In 1840 the Turkish expedition found on the Mount Ararat the speaker from a glacier a wooden framework. Despite difficulties, researchers approached him and saw the huge vessel which sizes coincided with those that are specified in the bible text - 300 elbows of length, the 50th width and the 30th height, i.e. 150 by 25 by 15 meters.

the Vessel of brown color

B the archdeacon Nestorianskoy of Tserkvi Nouri after climbing Ararat declared to 1893 that he saw Noah`s Ark. According to him, the ship is made of thick boards darkly - brown color. Having measured the vessel, Nouri came to a conclusion that its sizes quite correspond specified in the Bible. Having come back to America, he organized society on fund raising for expedition after which the Ark as a bible shrine has to be delivered in Chicago. But the government of Turkey did not grant permission for export of the vessel from the country.

In 1916 the group of the Russian pilots was based on temporary airfield approximately in 25 miles to North - I will sink down from Mount Ararat. In one of usual August days in air the plane number seven which is specially converted for high-rise tests which charged to carry out to the captain Vladimir Roskovitsky and his workmate was lifted. During flight of top they saw huge outlines of the ship. Even one of door shutters was visible. The vessel sizes just struck: about city quarter! Reported about a find on base, but in reply pilots heard loud and long laughter. Then there was a repeated flight after which information was sent to the government to St. Petersburg. The tsar Nicholas II, being a person devout, equipped two groups of soldiers with an order to rise by the mountain. Fifty people attacked one slope, and the group of hundred climbed up another. Two weeks of heavy work were required to overcome gorges at foundation of the mountain, and passed about a month before soldiers reached an ark and saw it. They executed detailed measurements, drawings, and also took a set of pictures. In the report it was said that all construction is covered with the weight similar to wax or pitch, and the tree of which it is made belongs to family of cypress. All materials sent to Russia, but there February revolution already burst, and they completely disappeared in its whirlpool. The part of the officers participating in expedition after 1917 left the country. Several people successfully located in the USA, and Roskovitsky became in the States a preacher.

The Kurds living in this district claim what in 1948 during an earthquake literally squeezed out the ship from - under lands. At this moment of the vicinity lit up bright light, and divided the case of an ark into two parts a piece of the rock. Now the construction allegedly towers over the Earth`s surface approximately on 2 meters. In the summer of 1953 the American businessman George Green from the helicopter took 6 accurate pictures of the big vessel which half went to ice. 9 years later he died, and all originals of pictures were gone. On July 6, 1955 the climber Fernande Navarre with the fifteen-year-old son Gabriel made climbing Mount Ararat, found Noah`s Ark and reported to the world about this opening. After a while photos in which ship outlines are clearly distinguishable were published.

Attempts of climbing Mount Ararat were made till 1974, but were not crowned with success. Then Turkey declared this area closed, having referred to finding of posts of supervision over the line of border there.

Dvukovchezhye ?

Statements that Noah`s Ark is found become constantly, to 20 - ti in a year. But it at least is strange as only the southern slope of Ararat where by definition nothing can lie in ices is open for ascension. Two of participants of one expedition reached top and really photographed something, similar to the hardened skeleton of the huge ship. But today nobody can tell what the vessel is. Many scientists claim that it is necessary to build on particles absolutely exact route of the Russian expedition of 1916 as only from it there was a photo which is the original documentary evidence of existence of an ark of Nov.

But how then to be with all other pictures where something is represented, similar to the huge ship?

To understand what is it, it was possible with the help of the expert on classic languages Willie Melnikov. Having watched a set of photos, he told that according to the bible description the ark of Nov was similar to the submarine, and this ship - the poured-out ocean yacht. Then Melnikov told that in one of libraries of Europe the text of the unknown author dated approximately the 3rd century B.C. got to him. Willie called this text Dvukovchezhyem . In it there was a speech that Ache during drift on the water abyss once saw the big ship by the sizes coinciding with its ark. He hoped that else someone managed to escape, but when stepped aboard this vessel, did not find there uniform soul. According to Melnikov, it also is that second ark . It is that, most likely, and it was succeeded to photograph.

If this assumption is fair, then it changes all modern idea of a flood! In the Bible nothing is told about two arks Though it is quite possible

that this opening only supplements the Old Testament as its text bears in itself the reduced version of the stories about a flood borrowed ancient shumer whose clay tablets spill on this history much more light. On some of them it is possible to read that to a flood on Earth there lived quite developed civilization which had fleet. Its ships plied between Africa and Mesopotamia. They were very big sizes. In the Old Testament, by the way, there is a mention that along with ordinary people on the planet giants at that time lived. It they began to enter to daughters human . When this civilization of giants began to threaten young mankind, and the Universal flood was sent to Earth. Ache, as we know, was nearly the only righteous person, and he was fated to escape.

The piece of a covering

Exists the legend that Noah`s Ark cannot be seen and touched. It will be to people only before a doomsday. The legend is connected with climbing the mountain of the monk Jacob who in a row tried to ascend several days to Ararat. But every time when woke up in the morning, found out that it is on the same place from where began the way. Once in a dream to it the Angel was and transferred a piece from a ship covering. He told that the ark will open to people only when God of it wishes. It would be possible to call all this an invention if not a piece of a covering! It and remained with the monk, and now the relic is stored in the city of Echmiadzin in Armenia. By the way, from it in 1766 the Catholicos of all Armenians Simeon Erevatsitsi donated a part to Catherine II, having expressed thereby gratitude to the Russian empress for her care of the Armenian people.

The archeology is not among the exact sciences, and the object lying in the Ararat mountains did not appear to our looks entirely with the plate on which it would be written: It is Noah`s Ark . If object in the form of the boat - not the vessel of Nov, then it represents still a big riddle. The message of the Turkish authorities on stay on Ararat of the powerful brown beams making something like a skeleton of the huge ship for the first time was published in 1883. Later one American newspaper wrote that locals well know fragments, but are afraid to approach them as once saw the terrible ghost which looked out of a window in a board. It is possible to treat this message differently; let`s tell only that one of the emigrated officers participating in ascension of 1916, in interview which it gave in New - York told: There it was very cold and terrible. Soldiers were devoutly christened and hotly prayed when they saw an ark and understood what is it . If to trust it, expedition found out that internal rooms of the vessel are divided into compartments, and on a deal floor rust traces from iron rods - perhaps, from cages with animals were seen...

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