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What has to smell in inside of the car of?

I Remember, how in 70 - x years the " magazine; Driving reported that one western perfumery firm let out men`s cologne with a smell of an upholstery of brand new Cadillac. In the same years in salon of newcomers of Zhiguli there was some caustic smell which, nevertheless, warmed soul of their newly made owners. Some, having done a bit of traveling, before sale of the car even added a little acetone under rugs to deceive the buyer.

But here the speech not about these smells. At many under a saloon mirror the fir-tree or where - nibud the flakonchik with the flavoring liquid is strengthened dangles. On sale of such it is full. A range of smells - huge. Substance - " is already invented; anti-smell acting exactly the opposite to a smell: just as molecules of the aromatic substance attack nervous receptors, allowing to smell, the molecules anti-smell influence the same receptors, blocking sense of smell. So the ustranitel of smells who is actively advertized now on the TV Lips - just blocks sense of smell. And " fragrances; " anti-tobacco; - fully.

There is powerful, often subconscious influence of smells on a condition of the person. Also it is unknown how the fragrance bought at random will work on the driver. And it operates means of the increased danger. At the same time, salutary action on the person of some certain smells is established. Today it is reality as, for example, the aromatic structures invented by Japanese for maximum efficiency of work: the invigorating aroma since morning reducing stress - after a lunch, toning, giving forces - in the late afternoon. Or the well-known synthesized aromas which urge on to shop in supermarkets.

Therefore it makes sense to drivers to buy not casual fragrances, and able to render it advantage in concrete situations. The mint smell, for example, awakens us. Began to smell camomiles, a jasmine, a lavender, a lily of the valley too relaxes drivers that increases risk of accident. Began to smell coffee helps to concentrate on the road. Aggravate perception of information of basilicas, an eucalyptus, a lemon, a magnolia vine, a thyme. Aroma of a new-mown grass provokes the increased speed. And here the smell of a peppermint removes irritability. Before a trip you should not use lotions for shaving and spirits - they cause increased fatigue. Have it in a look if near you - the scented passenger.

At the end of the last century fragrances in the form of the cylinder in which the insert with four sections turns were available for sale. Opposite to cuts it is possible to establish one of three sections with fragrances of various action. Their structure and nature of influence is specified on the handle. The fourth section - empty. There is no smell any, and other sections are hermetically closed and are not spent in the absence of need for them and on the parking. On mood and a situation it is possible to include necessary smell. And not you will sniff as often happens to the same smell, and lasts for a long time.

I went with it years three. However, at me the car costs in underground garage where in the winter +6, and in the summer +15. Out of garage the climate - control which and maintains in the winter in salon temperature established by me +18 in the summer works. And fragrances exhaust generally from a heat. But also at it for about two years has to be enough. Look for such in shops.

So, seriously you treat smells in the car, and yours ezdastant not only pleasant, but also safer.