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And it is weak to you to draw a mug?

- Will think! Point, point, comma, minus, mug curve...

- So since five years also you draw? You want to learn to draw on - to the adult?

- And what for?

- Mugs very much help. For example, to spend time for lectures or meeting. To draw caricatures on the tiresome telephone interlocutor. Or to overcome green melancholy at work. And still in mugs it is possible to play with children, to draw portraits and to ask each other: And who it? .

Let`s try to draw a mug in more difficult way. For this purpose will be necessary: sheets of paper, a ruler, an eraser and 2 pencils with marking of M and 2M.

For a start the pencil of M drew by hand an oval, by a form reminding egg, and by means of a ruler divide its vertical and horizontal lines (fig. 1. All drawings open.) which are crossed exactly in the middle. We divide a vertical into 6 pieces and we draw still horizontal lines. The top line will designate the line of a forehead. We will not draw the second. It is the conditional line of eyebrows. On the central line the nose bridge and eyes will be located. The following line will designate a nose, and lower - the line of a mouth.

Eyes - a window to the soul begin to draw the person with eyes. We draw two small fishes without tails (fig. 2). Tails - wrinkles can be added then if it wants to represent the old man. A ruler we will measure symmetry of eyes of rather vertical line: corners have to be equally spaced.

Now turn of a nose. We draw a triangle. Two of its corners are on one vertical with internal corners of eyes, and the third - on a nose bridge. It is better to draw it slightly more long, but for convenience we will draw so far so. After that we carry out from a nose bridge two big arches over eyes (these are eyebrows) and two small (these are eyelids). Only we draw small from corners of eyes. Now - a mouth: we draw minus from the poem. It is wider than time nose in two, and its tips are approximately at the level of the center of eyes.

Now when we have a scheme of the person, we with easy soul take a pencil 2M and we begin to draw really (fig. 3). At first we lead round eyes, slightly bending their contours, and we lead round the top line with big pressing. Eyelids let and will remain poorly outlined. We draw eyebrows randomly, but not from a nose bridge (from a nose bridge it is possible if it is necessary to represent east beauty). The thickest part of an eyebrow - over the center of an eye. We draw a nose so: we round the lower side of a triangle, under it we put two ends ( patch ) also we draw from them the rounded-off lines - nostrils. If it is required to represent the man, it is necessary to remember that at men the nose is longer, and nostrils are wider.

By the way, the most non-standard and expressive part of a human face - a mouth or lips. They are both narrow, and chubby, and the most different form therefore the mouth can be drawn somehow, even to curves. At men the line of a mouth is longer, and lips - already. Roth is drawn as eyes, small fish . We draw the fattest lines in the middle and under a lower lip, and we raise mouth corners a little that the mug did not turn out sad.

At us ears and a forehead (fig. 4) still remained unaddressed. Ear top - at the level of eyes, and a bottom - at the level of a nose. And here from two parties we draw such skrepochka not too lop-eared, of course. The forehead can be drawn as it is necessary for soul: high, low, narrow. Let`s not forget to designate a neck. And finally - we will finish eyes. In cores we draw equal circles and we paint over them from the center. In the center they have to be more dark is a pupil. On a woman`s face it is possible to add eyelashes, on a man`s face they look lightly.

At last, we take an eraser and we erase everything that it seems to us superfluous, and also all dirt which did in the course of creation of it portrait . Such mug can be transformed: to narrow, do to thickness, to reduce eyes, to do eyebrows wider, the nose - is longer, to add moustaches, a beard, points, to do a different hair. Mugs can be painted as in the childhood. Look what turned out from a sample which we drew (fig. 5 - 8). It appears, to draw faces - mugs not so difficult?

But it is more difficult to draw the person in a profile (fig. 9). An oval it is necessary to draw at an angle 30 - 45 degrees. But it is possible to make simpler: to put a sheet of paper under such corner. We draw horizontal lines in the same proportions. We draw a nose a triangle, but the speaker. Eyes sideways too look triangular. It is necessary to round off their lines only a few. Roth will support oval limits and to draw it - the most difficult: it is necessary to achieve that it did not look too ugly. And the chin can be led round in the area of an oval, but then it will look a little comical. But it is possible to make him the speaker: so realistichny.

We drew the head in the proportions close to classical, accepted at artists. And here such proportions do not suit for nested dolls. At a nested doll the round face, eyes are in the middle of the person, but very big, in all width, and have to be well traced and it is obligatory with the long, bent eyelashes (fig. 10). The smiling sponges - bows at a nested doll are almost in the middle between eyes and a chin, and the nose is designated by two points. The bang cannot be represented. And surely there has to be a bright flush.

If often to train in drawing of mugs, it is possible to fill a hand and an eye so that the ruler soon will become unnecessary. And it must be said that each draftsman of mugs comes to own style of the image once. And style is already a sign of the true artist!

Draw mugs on - to the adult, train, dream. And maybe, your acquaintances will begin to speak with aspiration soon: You know, and he (she) is able to draw portraits! .