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As train professional investigators - dogs?

the investigator to Become simple. Just hatched baby bird is even capable of it. It follows mother or other subject. About it Boris Rokhlenko wrote in the article. It is much more difficult to follow not directly a subject, and a past even a few hours ago. Some animals are capable of it too. Can do it with advantage for the person only specially trained professional investigators . How to train them for business or game with children?

Techniques of training of guard dogs in search service exists much. I will tell how I trained the dogs. To begin to train a puppy it is possible already from four-months age.

Not too open area is chosen. In park - with trees and bushes, in the city - with vegetation, houses, garages. That was where to hide. The assistant - the family member or someone else is surely necessary. Small pieces of the delicacy loved by a dog or a usual forage are necessary.

On the first occupation the assistant holds a dog on a lead, distracts it that she did not see where you leave. You, having trampled a little on the place, you hide for the next corner or a bush, having put on the way on the earth couple of pieces of a delicacy. The assistant gives command: Trace inclines the head of a dog to the place where you were trampled, and pushes a dog forward. Can say also a name of the owner. Having passed several meters, the dog finds delicacy pieces, and then and finds you. It needs to be praised and given delicacies more. It is possible to repeat this exercise one more - two times, hiding in different places.

On the following occupations it is necessary to increase distances, to do turns, to reduce quantity left on the way of a delicacy. The assistant has to know your route to help a dog, but it is not necessary to go there in advance. Through couple of occupations the dog already understands what from her is required. Then the assistant hides, and you with a dog search for him. Only at the end you give a delicacy and you praise a dog.

Further the task becomes complicated. Two assistants - better for a start family members are necessary already. They leave diversely. You allow a dog to smell a thing of one of them, having said the " team; smell . You can tell also the name if it is familiar to a dog. The dog is already taught to go on a trace, and here has to understand on whose it is necessary to go. Usually she quickly understands what from it is required. Further assistants go to one party, at first crossing the traces. Though both smells are familiar to it, the dog has to remember whom exactly she looks for. If confused - it is necessary once again on the way to allow to smell a thing of searched.

I remind that places of trainings should be changed that there were no old traces. Then you search also for foreign person. Also you pass into crowded places where there are a lot of any traces - the dog should not lose necessary. Later you increase time which passed after laying of a trace. At the same time you can teach a dog to choose from several people facing a dog, one on its thing.

So gradually, in a game form, in one or two months it is possible to train a dog. And not necessarily office breed. It will be interesting to your children to play at hide-and-seek with it. And maybe, in some situation this ability of your pet is also useful in serious business.