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How it is correct to choose lipstick?

are difficult to present the successful woman without lipstick. Lipstick not only does the woman more attractive, but also protects lips from adverse external effects. The sun, wind and a frost do skin on lips dry. Besides, well picked up lipstick is capable to smooth visually defects of lips - too narrow or too chubby.

Sometimes, however, and opposite effect of lipstick: irritation, allergy or just color not that. Therefore the true woman approaches the choice of lipstick intelligently.

can Choose lipstick in two ways: applying special testers (in the people - samplers) and without them. To use or not to use cosmetic after other woman - personal record of everyone. We, in turn, will prompt several general, but useful tips at the choice of lipstick.

On color

Opaque lipstick gives to quiet saturated color. Minus - powder as result &ndash is a part of such lipsticks; lips can dry.

Nacreous lipstick is good what at different lighting looks differently. Minus - does wrinkles on lips more noticeable as result - suits young women more.

Varnish lipstick visually increases lips, does them by chubbier. Also serves as a good humidifier. Minus - can spread. Nuance - in a tube looks much more darkly, than on lips. there is no

On actually color, as we know, companions. If you cannot pick up the necessary shade in any way, stop on that which is the closest to natural color of your lips.

In a tube and on lips lipstick looks differently. Moreover: differently it looks also on different lips. If there is no opportunity to use a sampler or you just disdain it to do, then it is the best of all to test lipstick for color not on wrists as we got used to do it with all decorative cosmetics, and on small pillows of fingers where skin on structure is close to skin on lips.

Can just nominate lipstick to all length and to bring to lips in front of the mirror to lips. The one who well knows features of the person will be able correctly to pick up color even in such not labor-consuming way.

Where you would not apply to On texture lipstick, trying it, it has to be smeared easily and softly. There should not be feelings tightness and weights.

That lipstick not only protected On structure outside, but also moistened your lips from within, vitamin E, ceramides, an aloe, vegetable oils, wax or other humidifiers have to be its part. If as a part of any humidifiers there is (that, by the way, in the modern cosmetic market meets seldom), then no lipstick simply - naprosto will dry your lips.

Is quite good if lipstick contains the ultra-violet filters protecting lips from influence of sunshine.

the Average woman eats not less tube of lipstick in a year. Vitamin supplements reduce adverse effects on an organism of chemical elements of lipstick.

On a smell

do not forget to smell the chosen tube - it has to smell, first of all, pleasantly for you. It is unlikely it is possible to use cosmetics which smell irritates. One more acceptable &ndash option; lack of a smell at all.

On appearance

the column of lipstick has to be smooth, without any droplets or cracks. Color on all surface of lipstick has to be equal, without any smudges.

of the General opinion at producers in this respect is not present On an expiration date. However experts have the general opinion: at full compliance with storage conditions it is possible to use lipstick no more than two years from the moment of production. If your lipstick began to smell somehow badly - means, some component became rotten. In this case safely throw out lipstick, do not feel sorry for the spent means. To treat skin diseases - business unpleasant and low-esthetic.

Be not afraid to experiment with a color or to change the producer of lipstick. And, perhaps, the truth searching will be born. Once again it would be desirable to remind: see off - that, maybe, and on mind, but meet everything - on clothes.