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What to be engaged in the subway in? The interesting exercises bringing benefit.

of the Subway - the fast and convenient type of transport, but the road in the subway exhausts, often spoils our gold mood, enters into a somnolence. How to resist to it?

To spend the time with advantage, we occupy ourselves in way. We read books, we listen to music, we play, we cross stitch. These are the most widespread occupations. They are in own way convenient, and, above all, give the chance to pass away time. But after several years of trips for me it stopped being interesting. I began to think out new ways of entertaining carrying out time.

I want to notice that all exercises are tested by me personally. I confirm - it works, the result is, people react adequately. Here than unusual it is possible to occupy itself in the subway:

1. Training of a hypnotic look. Suggestion is transmitted to

through a look as well as through words. The look, strong on concentration, increases persuasiveness told for 15%. So, you can stand, and it is better to sit conveniently. Visually choose any small subject - a point in the car which would easily be allocated on other background. For example, a small screw in a floor. Now turn the eye on this point. It is very important that you looked at a point friendly, full it is warm a look. You watch only at a point and at anything more. Concentrate the view of it until in eyes tears do not appear or eyelids will not begin to shiver. Close eyes for 30 seconds that muscles of eyes could relax and have a rest.

Exercise purpose: to learn to hold the look on one subject not less than four minutes, without blinking also without tension so that in eyes tears did not appear and eyelids did not shiver.

2. Breathing exercises.

Conscious process of breath - a magnificent way to load with energy a body and spirit, especially in the morning. These can be engaged with success even in the subway.

Besides, you can stand or sit. It is desirable to close eyes. Now quietly breathe. You monitor the breath, behind how you inhale and you exhale. Put hands on a stomach. It has to rise and fall. Make a breath and feel how air passes through lungs and gets to an abdominal cavity.

Consciously feel how with each breath energy comes to your organism. now slowly exhale

A. Your belly wall will fall. With each exhalation you get rid of tension, troubles, disappointments and thoughts of negative character. Speed of breath of 6 - 7 times a minute, that is on each breath also exhaled approximately for 5 seconds. Conscious breath in the shortest possible time allows you to plunge into a quiet state.

Having reached quiet deep breath, you can try various formulas of auto-suggestion. For example, say a low voice the following offer of 30 times: Every day in everything I feel better and better . Thanks to this phrase you will feel pleasure of life and inflow of forces.

3. Physical exercises.

Use of a usual hand rubber expander yields excellent results on the way. Standing or sitting in the subway, quietly we swing it in hands. Rigidity of an expander has to be such that quietly was enough for you for 50 - 60 pressing of each hand. Be engaged in this simple exercise for 2 hours a day, and in 2 - 3 months you will be pleasantly surprised - on hands up to elbows receive an expressive relief of muscles. This exercise creates not only a beautiful shape of muscles of a hand, but also increases strength of the successful fellow that is especially important if you are engaged in single combats.

Usual hasty the vbeganiye on the escalator trains the muscles which are responsible for run at short distances. As athletes for working off of explosive force of muscles with the maximum speed run in a gorochka for a while, and you can run in on the long line of the escalator. Rise speed - 3 steps a second. Observe safety measures! As a result it will give good effect at run at short distances.

4. Traveling poetry.

the Most interesting in the subway is, of course, people. On the way it is possible to compose with interest about passengers unlucky funny rhymes. For example:

Here there is a citizen, in a hat dressed,

It in a gray strip, and it is multi-colored.

Pulled on it velveteen red trousers,

Probably, more they are not necessary to his wife .

It is cheerful and entertaining. Try.

I hope, the list of the exercises offered here simple and convenient will bring you joy and pleasure in way. Good luck!