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You were going to become a di - Jay? 10 steps forward (Part 2) of

First three steps here.

4. Vinyl or CD? Here in what a question!
Having looked on MTV as a modern disk - the jockey skillfully juggles with vinyl, you get from service presented to you on 10 - the anniversary a pig - a moneybox, uplift over the head and

of STOP!
Stop, you should not hurry with it, on vinyl it is necessary to earn!

of CD and only! It is plus at this carrier more than enough

About possibilities of the Internet in this sphere I am silent, itself perfectly know, in the Network there is everything Well, and if is not present, there is always an opportunity to order, and it is not obligatory for money. There is a set privat - forums with qualitative file exchange networks where people are divided with each other by the principle In total for the people so do not hesitate to ask

Only if you think that, having downloaded a MP3/128kbps and having overtaken all this in AudioCD, you receive at the exit a pervoiskhodnik, then it is better to throw to you this craft, without having managed to begin. To swing only HQ! If finance allows, it is better to get releases for cash, absolutely other relation will be to this disk, than swinging it from Setochka. Disks are unpretentious, there is always an opportunity to clone the pleasant at least trillion times - with it in general no problem ! Plus (+) to everything, they many times less plates that will be especially actual when they become much.

Blamed though is, certainly, more attractive from the esthetic point of view, but loses to the younger brother in availability. About insistence in the address, I think, a fact of common knowledge: slightly scratch - in archive. Besides on vinyl does not get ceiling high frequencies, purely technically cannot register, unlike CD with which it is possible to record though peep of a mosquito. I consider as the only and important plus of vinyl its ability to to the manual game unlike CD on which this process copes via the processor. But, again - depending on what you are going to play it. For example, break just perfectly will manage to be proskretchit on vinyl - Dj Tactics (Flammable Beats, Moscow), for example, can play any motive by means of only one plate. And techno is fine and on a disk will go, vinyl use is absolutely optional.

On the statement Famous DJs play only on vinyl! I answer: Famous DJs can and play a drum On any it will be pleasant to all .

5. Boys to the right, girls on the left.

So it was moved that the task to put music laid down on strong male shoulders, however feminization made the way and here. Really revolutionary revolution was made by djBenzina from the northern capital which arranged from game some kind of private dance for the panel with a mixer. Many only for the sake of it also come to its performances. On me, so it not the main thing

my favourite ladies - dj:

Natasha Urman (techno) Len Popov`s (techno)


of Helga (minimal)


6. Proving ground.

Before breaking night club with the requirement to make to you available all available equipment for a zozhig because you mega - the star and a dance floor will be yours this night, should learn to be confused elementary plus (+) to minus (-)


If there is a home computer, establish special programs on work with a sound (Virtual DJ, Tractor, Nero), and forward! You master digital school, at once you pass the panel for the real dj I joke! Begin with elementary muses. the center, connect in parallel any two sound carriers, and reduce to yourself gradually. Mastered also it? After you any mixer panels and terteybla are not terrible. Though too got excited...

It is necessary to be trained on cats. Look at

who has from relatives a next birthday. Aha! Is! Cats in our case let will be your distant and near relatives who are going to note 100 - summer anniversary of your grandfather, veteran of the Second World War:

select tracks in advance (it is only not necessary to stuff the set with valenoks and a frost, " group; Lubeh I think, will normally accept, do not load old times);

watch mood of the audience (when there come long pauses, Barges full mullets perfectly bring out of a stupor);

in breaks between meal and alko - cocktails pass into the " mode; chill - out or diminish a sound on a minimum (when I eat - I glukhont!);

on the offer to drink for success of your undertaking - refuse (as well as at any other work; alcoholism is not welcomed so bitterns for success, but only to compote);

If in a celebration okontsovka happy fathers approach you and tap wrinkled palms on your sickly shoulder, fray for a mane, servilely shake hands, and the hero of the anniversary enthusiastically summarizes: Excellent vecherina, dude! Burned down not childly! Come still! - it means, my friend is time, it is time.

Be continued.