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How to minimize harm from alcohol?

Ya for a long time supporter of a healthy lifestyle. Let`s not speak about the reasons - the result is important. But Life this most somehow does not allow to paint herself in primary colors of a rainbow. Pretty often the palette is so rich that it is difficult to classify all colors and shades.

And with use . All perfectly understand that alcohol - the evil. But traditions, stresses and weak will persistently prevail, and even the most inveterate nondrinkers do not and will taste a shot glass.

Having given from a table the first toast under someone`s toast, it is necessary to realize clearly that process of weakening of powerful tools of self-defense - control and a real assessment of events begins. Ahead of you drunk frankness, decrease in level of self-criticism, reaction, endurance wait.

Everything listed is fraught with consequences. Therefore try in advance, in sober mind, to hammer into the head four taboos : not to drink with casual people, not to drink during business meetings, not to get drunk far from the house, not to get acquainted in a state of intoxication.

The best type of transport for the drunk person - a taxi . Do not try to catch casual " motor; in a steam of cars. Phone - the brilliant invention. It is better if someone from acquaintances sees to the car. Agree with it that call, having got home. The driver has to hear your conversation. You do not go out of the car on the street, ask to drive up directly to an entrance. It is even better if at an entrance someone from house meets.

It is necessary to drink in general at the vast majority of us. But it is possible to minimize harm at the expense of the organization of the relations with alcohol. The general strategy - to replace quantity with quality , it concerns both some drinks, and process of their destruction.

For what you wait, inviting guests or going by the friendly invitation? Banal booze? Whether it is worth wasting time, it is possible to overturn couple of glasses in the next bar and to reach effect.

The banquet should not turn into a booze. And for this purpose organizers need to follow the simple rules. Do not begin a feast with a toast . At first slightly lure guests: salatik or " sandwiches; before will allow to reduce intoxication speed.

Do not allow to smoke at a table . Reasons a little: in - the first, smokers will smoke less, in - the second, they will be aired from time to time, in - the third, less trouble will be brought upon non-smoking guests and, in - the fourth, the apartment if the speech about a house sit-round gathering, is not smoked so that it is necessary to remove several days resistant tobacco aroma .

Operate a table . You watch that guests had surely a snack. Do not hesitate to remind of it as directly, and praising highly the prepared dishes.

Do not let go reins of government . Constrain especially zealous guests who are urging on rate of a feast or demanding from all to drink to the bottom . Alcoholism - business voluntary.

Do not expose on a table all stock of the prepared alcohol . And when laying choose the ware size, according to an arsenal of alcohol and its quantity.

As for individual preparation of an organism to to blow in a liver I will resemble of national councils :

- you come to a feast full;

- there is no way back - if it is necessary to drink different drinks, distribute them on fortress, weak in the beginning, then strong;

- having a snack, lean not only on meat, but also on bread and potatoes - alcohol absorbents;

- drink more liquid, but not carbonated drinks;

- is less than nicotine; - do not trust

to momentary feelings of norm, the peak of influence of strong alcohol comes approximately in an hour after the last shot glass.

Not calculated the forces sal ammoniac, 5 - 6 drops on a glass of water will help. It is possible to rub strongly and quickly both ear, the rush of blood to the head will bring drunk into consciousness. At least, in a state when he is able to call the address.

And in conclusion: in total - it is better not to drink. You have fun sober.