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About harm of maintaining the diary or what Lev Tolstoy received the first slap in the face for?

on September 23, 1862, 145 years ago, in Church of the Nativity of the Virgin on the Grand-ducal farmstead in Moscow took place wedding of the count Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy and Sofya Bers. The count was a man though where, though not the first youth for a marriage, all - 34 years. What gave a reason to ubiquitous old women to gossip: It is visible, from the rich, time for it such little girl went

No, Lev Nikolaevich was not especially rich, moreover, lived quite rough youth, spending the love heat for all who answered his immodest courtings. But all trouble was that the scrupulous writer carefully fixed each love victory in diaries which kept from time immemorial.

Several words about how they got acquainted. Manors Tolstykh and Bersov were in the neighbourhood, and Lev Nikolaevich often was on a visit at Sofya, Andrey Evstafyevich`s father, the court doctor. The matter is that two brothers of the writer died of tuberculosis, and it very carefully treated since then the health, at each opportunity visiting the doctor and consulting at it.

Thus, Sonya and all her sisters and brothers grew up at the count, as they say, in the eyes. And it must be said, for the time being not Sonya, but her sister Lisa was Tolstoy`s favourite at all. But once the doctor brought home the camera of which average of sisters undividedly took control. She ran all summer with this camera, did pictures, and in the fall suddenly unexpectedly submitted on an essence house and close the manuscript of the story Natasha . And, in one of extremely unattractive heroes, with an ugly exterior, Lev Nikolaevich recognized himself. It very much touched it. He attentively looked on writer . Also saw in this fervent look something that forced his heart to fight uchashchenny

But ugly the count needed to win respect and love of this puny persons . That to it, the person by then quite famous, did not make special work. However, he also long beat around the bush, without believing that to it will agree. About it it is possible to judge at least by the fact that he entrusted an official proposal of a hand and heart to a chetvertushka of paper which he dragged in a pocket about a week.

But then business was coped extremely quickly. Recognition was handed on September 16, and on 23 - e, in a week, the wedding was already appointed. Both the bride, and her parents were very much flattered that the count made up the mind to such step, and any delays did not follow.

And further there was what no sane person will do today. Three days before a wedding Lev Nikolaevich suddenly decided to let Sofya Andreevna into the most intimate secrets of the antecedents. There was a place to all: and to stories about rough orgies with maids in whom he took part with regimental friends, and to wine parties in which during a time his youth of a shortcoming was not. And even about the peasant Aksinya who helped the barin to remove flesh languor at the short summer nights, nearly on a mow

In all honesty: these dirty details 18 - the summer innocent girl were necessary? Brought up on ideals of sublime feelings, most likely, having the most superficial concept about the physical party of love? Whether it was necessary to feed her with these stories? Yes, Tolstoy, for certain, felt like the hero, - as, he will be from now on pure as the baby, will remove heavy freight from the soul. And that these tons of platitude, debauchery and negligence to the fair sex can break ardent, sublime soul of the girl he did not think for a second.

And one more circumstance which, certainly, gave a free hand to the garrulous count: he perfectly knew that the young bride will be forced to swallow all this silently. Norms will not allow to cancel a wedding three days before its carrying out to Sonya morals: it gave two consents at once - to both Lev Nikolaevich, and parents. And goodness knows, maybe, these burdensome minutes in a brain of the girl the thought flew: well - well, talk - talk. Here we will only get married, I will arrange to you the torn-off years

Already much later Tolstoy admits one of the works: The Most part of men demands advantages which they do not cost " from the wives;. As sharp fellows, " joke; It`s easy to be wise after the event . It is unlikely Lev Nikolaevich thought of it in the last barchelor days.

But we will return, actually, to a slap in the face. The first marriage night turned into true torture for both. Sonechka could not understand in any way why her husband by all means needs this physical abuse, unless few gentle kisses, an enclasping, strokings and other manifestations of Platonic love. Lev Nikolaevich was angry because that his young wife not only does not wish to help him with something, but also is obstinate it tries to be released from embraces, removing that action for the sake of which many men also wait for the first marriage night

The fact that her newly made spouse keeps the diary, Sonya learned during recognitions of the groom, awful for herself shortly before a wedding. She, naturally, could not glance in record as she to the husband got to the house after a wedding. But at the first opportunity when the husband for a while left, it rummaged everything in the room and found this diary. She began to read it, as well as all romantic natures, since the end. And right there came across the fresh record dated on September 24. In it as an assessment of the first marriage night stood two short as shot, the word: Not that! .

About what the wife glanced in record Lev Nikolaevich learned at once after the return. His mild, quiet, such delightful Sonechka turned into the most real fury. It flew up to the husband with the diary in hands, and right there began to whip it backhand on cheeks, lips, eyes on what it is necessary. Of course, strong and much stronger husband could seize her by wrists and stop these manifestations of anger. But what he could object?!

They were reconciled by the novel War and peace on which the great writer began work practically right after a marriage. Copying of absolutely new pages belonged to duties of the young wife. Sometimes it was painfully heavy to understand these artful designs of the written and perecherkanny words. But life with the genius of other also does not assume. Especially with it, as Lev Nikolaevich who could rewrite the same episode five - seven times.

Twist of fate: mother Sofya Andreevna had 13 children from whom five died in the early childhood. And she repeated practically the same destiny: 13 childbirth and four died children. Here only distinctions were that mother brought up the children herself, and Sofya was very much hurt by a breast, and therefore it was necessary to employ the wet nurse. Speak, it is model - indicative the count Tolstoy was awfully angered by it

Ya purposely I do not want to concern further relationship of Tolstoy and his wife with whom they lived long 48 years. It is much more interesting to tell about destiny of their some children. The firstborn is Sergey - was born the next year after a wedding and died in 1947, having lived 84 years. The second child - the daughter Tatyana - was born a year later, in 1864, and endured the brother for three years, having rested in 1950. And the last from children Tolstoy Aleksandra Lvovna who was born for 20 years after Tatyana and finished the terrestrial century in 1979 died. In effect, not so long ago