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You were going to become a di - Jay? 10 steps forward (Part 1) of

Digression to history.

What does it have to do with the composer? It is considered to be that they were the first di - Jay the time. To unite a set of various tools in one sounding to reach harmony of sounds - here the composer`s task. Here only unlike digital composers wrote the masterpieces on paper, and manuscripts, as we know, do not burn...

Much water has flowed under the bridges since then, creations of great composers please hearing to this day. Eternal music, as they say... As there will be a destiny of our contemporaries of electronic bit, we learn in the near future. But already now clearly one - progress does not stand still, and what was considered yesterday as a hit - is not actual today


1 any more. I in Jedis would go! Who will teach me?

If you finally and irrevocably, having weighed all for against, decided to devote yourself to such difficult craft as creation of mood by means of music, then first of all think once again over a question - Whether Wait for me there?. If you though for a second began to doubt with the affirmative answer, then do not begin better there are many other fine professions...

First of all there has to be a musical taste per se. Of course, watching what aims you pursue If dj in the true sense of the word wants to be is an indispensable condition and if decided to put music to order in cattle - bars - 2 collections of a MP3 " will descend; Hot hundred part and ability to use the panel from a muztsentr. Dee`s

- Jay do not become, are born them!

2. If to you less than 18 - ti - leave this page!

By the legislation it is authorized to center to conduct work with 15 - ti years.

- But let in clubs only since 21? - you ask.

- is correct! Only in coordination with administration! So if your age does not correspond to the plate The Entrance only with 21! The passport - the best lawyer! - do not despair...

By the way, in the Guinness Book of Records in 2000 - the m was brought to year the lad under the pseudonym DJ Welly as Youngest di - Jay . At the time of its performance in the London club The Warp it was 8 years 2 months old and 10 days, and on posters it was presented as the FIRST number... Headliner - our way. Its real name of Llewellyn Owen, it from London.

If to jump from the return, then oldest di - Jay is DJ Ron Diggins from Boston. In March of this year he noted the 90 - century! He is considered as the founder of formation of di - a dzheing as a profession. Ron Diggins began the career in 40 - x years of last century, and to this day cannot believe that di - a dzheing became such highly paid profession: Really there is di - Jay who receive 20 thousand dollars for one set?! Never understood how it can be, my fee did not exceed $50 .

In end of a subject it would be desirable to mark out also our veterans of the club movement. Dee - Jay Boris Karaulov and Georgy Azbukin work together 8 years, together they - dj`s Krugozory - note in Sorry Babushka club the 140 - the anniversary! Certainly, for two

So, in this craft, as well as in love - all age are obedient!

3. Tell me that you listen - and I will tell whether on the way to us with you

In di - the dzheysky environment, as well as in any other profession, the castes exist. This so-called division on styles of sounding. Your reason and taste which at everyone exclusive will help to be defined with what music you will begin to play, you. Anyway, it needs to be made because to combine techno with r`n`b - top of lack of taste

Observing a world tendency of the best dj`s of the planet Earth, I draw conclusions concerning the most enormous break of progressive trance. you Judge


of DJ Mag`s Top 100 poll is dance music`s largest poll - this year it clocked 217,102 votes from 233 countries.

1. Paul Van Dyk (prog trance)

2. Armin Van Buuren (prog trance)

3. Tiesto (prog trance)

according to the most authoritative magazine in the field of electronic music of DJMag conducting survey in 233 countries with total number the voting 217,102 voices was made by DJ TOP 100 for 2006. And so, the first three plays progressive trance. Russians in this one hundred did not appear. we will look with

A at TOP now - 100, carried out, by recognition of authors of DJ. ru, the most authoritative resource in the field of a dance music in the territory of Russia.

1. Ivan Rudyk (house)

2. Romeo (house)

3. Volodya Fonar (house)
As we see

, at us drives ubiquitous house. Here only I did not find how many people took part in vote and in general... Probably, in it there is some secret

In general, I do not induce you to submit to spirits of the times, besides as practice shows, ratings not always reflect reality.

Choose the style, despite everything!