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What temperature there have to be an air and hot water in the apartment?

there Came the fall. Soon winter. On the street becomes cold, in apartments too. Well to countrymen. Cool - waterlogged an oven how many it is necessary. In the city oven housing and communal services begin to heat. When? And how many it is necessary?

We will glance in Rules of providing utilities to citizens . We read:

The Beginning of the heating period is established at an average daily temperature of external air below +8 degrees Celsius, and the end of the heating period - at an average daily temperature of external air is above +8 degrees Celsius within 5 days in a row. The heating period has to begin or come to an end from the date of, the specified period following behind the last day .

And what has to be the minimum temperature? According to sanitary standards and rules Construction Norms and Regulations 2. 08 - 01 - 89 Residential buildings :

Angular room +20; living room +18; kitchen +18; bathroom +25; lobby, staircase +16; room of the elevator +5; cellar +4; attic +4.

At the same time air temperature is measured on an internal wall of each room at distance of one meter from an external wall and by 1,5 meters from a floor. But it - only after the beginning of a heating season. On off-season there are no standards - be heated who as can!

And temperature of hot water, on To Rules of providing utilities to citizens it has to be provided all the year round - not lower than +50 and not higher than +75 degrees.

If batteries heat badly or from the crane water of smaller temperature flows, the resident can write the application in the of the MISINFORMATION with a request them to check. For this purpose usually the caretaker or the engineer local the MISINFORMATION comes. After check of batteries or water system housing and communal services draw up the statement in duplicate, one of which remains at the owner of the apartment.

If complaints of the resident are confirmed, housing and communal services are obliged to correct all on average in time from one to seven days, depending on complexity of works. During discrepancy to standards for water recalculation of a rent according to the statement of the resident in a regional financial settlements center is made if temperature of hot water fell short of norm more than 3 degrees in the afternoon and at more 5th night. Air temperature deviations in rooms on norms are not allowed at all. That is batteries surely have to heat the apartment to the degrees specified in sanitary standards. If it does not occur, then the rent decreases individually for everyone victim apartments depending on its metric area.

Strange logic. On the one hand - deviations of air temperature are not allowed, with another - at deviations the rent decreases. Without court, if something happens, you will not understand. Nevertheless, it is useful to know all this.

I wish all to meet winter not only with knowledge, but also with heat in the house.