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One-way love of

One-way love as often it is necessary to hear these caustic words. Why not I? Why he does not love me I am ready for everything for the sake of. I . I wanted

But people different and therefore tastes and preferences at all different. But unfortunately the love though undivided does not know it, all the same pulls you to this person by unearthly forces, all your essence wishes to be near this person. Desire to possess this person much stronger than consciousness, common sense and logic. You just want also a point.

And what is true love?

Many ask this question, some find it, and much do not manage to find this person, the second half and everything life they remain disabled people So it love, for everyone this: for someone it is a wrapper, a candy wrapper, and for others this filling, or financial position of the person, there can be it the apartment in the capital, and there can be a smile or a gentle voice. It is possible to love for each trifle, but the most important that it was mutual.

I think that love it when rising in the morning you smile and feel inflow of forces that you are in love, having heard a name of darling to you there is a wish to call or send SMS, you have a good mood and you do not worry that today it is raining and, you were poured by the car water, you are not jealous, do not make scandals. From one thought of it or of it to you it is warm, you are not ill, punks in the subway do not irritate you any more and you learned to write verses, to draw, sing under serenade windows, the heap of ideas how to make a surprise or unforgettable evening appears, you dream clouds and a lunar path in the sea, the world becomes lighter and is purer, it is easy to breathe.

And what to do to those who got into a ridiculous and silly situation as one-way love, do not love you, you are not necessary to the person, you disturb him or confuse, her friends laugh at you, but all the same that did not speak to you, you just love and what you do not hear, you became deaf, and went blind, you hear and see only the fact that want only its pluses, for you is the one and only little man with whom you want to be and with anybody another (and even all 6 billion people are not able to overpersuade you).

You want to catch her eye, to see a smile, to hear a voice, and in her lips Hi it is heard as you are not indifferent for me, you have a chance you try to be better than everything, think that you will meet in the car of the subway and will talk unfortunate 10 - 15 minutes, at a reminder on her name pulse becomes frequent, becomes difficult to be spoken, not to mention conversation with one and only.

Probably it is necessary to think about beloved and to give the account to the actions. To force to love it is impossible - Zanussi is checked. To bother the attention and you should not eat a look too - it is tiresome for other person and belittles opinion on you to the bottom, but you can be regretted and even to allow to walk with you, but it only out of pity that did not die of love, it was not bent in the end from sufferings. But we bring sufferings to ourselves, when the iron door in shop is closed we do not break because without it is useful, at most from efforts it is a monkey house or a shiner from protection. And in the world there are a lot of other people, different, interesting, beautiful, blue-eyed, blondes and brunettes, brown-haired women, brown-eyed, bald, green-eyed. The world is full of good people and can be it is worth communicating to everyone to be convinced that on one person life does not come to an end.

P. S. All these words are written only with one purpose, to change opinion on themselves of one girl