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How to train stomach muscles?

Many want to achieve symmetry of a figure and an excellent tone of muscles. It is possible to reach it by means of a diet and physical exercises. Let`s consider such problem area as stomach muscles. It is a little anatomy: they consist of a direct muscle, oblique muscles (internal and external) and cross muscles. The speech will go about training of these muscles today. Though you should not forget that 80% of success are the correctly picked up diet. But about it another time. So, training.

Training stomach muscles, it is necessary to remember one important rule - the excessive number of repetitions and approaches in exercises on a press will not do good. The matter is that in cells of muscles of a stomach of the person aerobic mechanisms of power supply prevail, i.e. muscles of a stomach work constantly until we lay down and completely we will not relax. This factor also defines tendency to accumulation of fat in lumbar area, at the same time fat serves us as a power source for long work of moderate power, for example, when walking or even if you just stand. Therefore, the more intensively a power exchange in stomach muscles, the more they seek to reserve fat around themselves.

So load of muscles of a stomach has to be rigid and intensive, but short. In approaches it is necessary to execute no more than 20 - 25 repetitions. The number of approaches 4 - 6 (it includes study of all muscles of a stomach).

There are some exercises promoting development of muscles of a press:

1. A raising of direct legs from a prone position or on an inclined board (exercise works out the lower department of a direct muscle of a stomach). If you carry out exercise in house conditions, then the simple raising of direct legs from a prone position on a back will fit.

2. Bending of a trunk with twisting (here loading is distributed on the top department of a direct muscle of a stomach and on oblique muscles). It is carried out so: lay down a back on a floor and put legs on a bench (or any suitable eminence) before themselves, having bent them in knees. Stuff up hands for the head and begin to bend a trunk towards knees, at the same time your right, and then the left elbow has to go to a heteronymic knee. And so until the end of a series.

3. Bending of a trunk on a special press bench - the Roman bench (the top department of a direct muscle of a stomach is studied).

4. A raising of knees to a breast from situation hanging on a crossbeam (loading goes on the lower department of a direct muscle of a stomach). It is the best of all to study stomach muscles at the end of the main training, and once again I will repeat - training has to be moderate.

Still there are many options of exercises, but they are the most often used.

Also should pay attention to an extension of a forward wall of a stomach (after exercise) since its insufficient prolixity leads to consolidation of sidewalls of a stomach that will not do good in any way to those who want to have a harmonous waist. Good extension exercise is " bridge;.

By the way, the exercises which are with great dispatch operating on area of a basin such as squats and stanovy draft, cause growth of pelvic bones that also negatively affects appearance of your waist.

And one more moment! At some people, apparently, the total of fat in an organism is normal, but the small tummy everything is is present. It is result of an insufficient tone of muscles. And not only stomach muscles. Here still a problem in muscles of a back surface of a hip (a hip biceps). At bad development they displace a first line of a basin, thereby, unloading part stomach muscles. And, as a result, your stomach looks drooped. Therefore do not forget to train a back surface of a hip.

I hope that these councils will be useful to you in creation of such figure of which you dream! Progress!