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Than like to have supper in Spain?

People are people everywhere, and the Spanish hostesses also puzzle over the question What to prepare for dinner? as well as hostesses around the world. But they have one a stick - a lifesaver for all occasions, whether it be a dinner for a family or unplanned arrival of long-awaited, nevertheless, guests. The sir a tomato or simply - bread with a tomato.

Yes, here such dish, simple, traditional for the North of Spain. By the way, it quite fits into a popular Mediterranean diet. Only be not mistaken - on the Mediterranean diet especially you will not grow thin. It is suitable for the balanced, healthy food more.

So, I provide the recipe the chief - cooks our family, with the comments. Just in case, suddenly not everything is familiar Traditionally bread with a tomato accompanies with

local ham * or meat - a grill. (*mestny ham - Serrano`s jamon or if you did not find Serrano, quite will approach bayonsky or Parma ham).

First comment: wash Windows at once corrected bayonsky on baronial and Parma on Perm became clear at once that should be explained It is possible not to go in cycles in searches of these remarkable and, nevertheless, expensive and rare outside the countries - producers of products. It is quite possible to choose meat to taste in the next supermarket. Only do not forget

that taste bread with tomatoes and " meat; very much depends on taste and quality of the last making!

It is the present recipe according to which prepare in all houses of Catalonia. Catalonia is an area in the north of Spain with the capital in Barcelona.

Preparation : 5 min.


1) the bread cut with chunks. Bread only white, with a dense crumb. Closest from ours - a palyanitsa or white round toppling bread;

2) juicy ripe tomatoes. Expense rather big;

3) olive oil of the first extraction;

4) salt;

5) garlic (on the fan).

To take a piece of bread, to cut tomato on 2 parts, to evenly grease bread, squeezing out a tomato half, to salt a little, to sprinkle olive oil. To try!

To taste: you can dry bread, in this case very tasty it will turn out on a barbecue lattice if there is no barbecue, it will be quite replaced by a grill in a house oven. If you use the dried bread before smearing it with tomato, rub it a garlic glove half for giving of juicier taste.

Note: the traditional family recipe becomes with not dried bread and without garlic.

Cunnings: take

2 ready chunks of bread and get wet the friend to the friend. Tomato, oil and salt will be distributed more evenly.

The remained halves of tomatoes I am (the Comment: I it not I, and our chief !) I use for preparation of sauces, I store in a deep freeze and when I defreeze - it is easily husked.

Well and cunning from me: such bread can be prepared as addition to a shish kebab, especially if departure in the fall or in the winter - on the dacha. Quickly, nourishingly also looks appetizingly.

And the last comment, for sceptics: it is possible and just to knead bread with sausage, and it is possible - to diversify a little the life especially as it can be made very simply and with advantage for health!

Bon appetit!