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How to cope with autumn melancholy in house conditions?

For a start want to make a reservation. I am not a psychologist and I am not going to investigate the melancholy reasons here, I can only offer a quantity of external cosmetics which on me, for example, work.

But for a start it is necessary to define whether the truth to you it is as lousy as it seems. For this purpose elicit at a mother / spionerta at the grandfather / honestly earn / find 70 rubles, come into the nearest shop of the corresponding subject and buy an audiodisk which wanted long ago. Yes, that. Come back home and listen. If it was pleasant to you - that treatment already came besides your desire. If is not present - alas - it is necessary to read further. And further - methods of treatment of melancholy (the note: all of them are applicable only in that case when you do not want or cannot address friends. And it is the best way).

1. Gloomy. Be locked in the room, push a door a sofa, draw curtains (ah yes, here the main thing - not to forget to drag more food. About a toilet it is better not to think, you will spoil an image, but a pot under a sofa by which the door is bashfully covered, will not prevent), turn on the most brutal music (in my case floydovsky wall beats all quotations), lay down and you hrumtit chips (or what there to eat?) . In a rhythm, thinking of a vanity of all real. After a while the melancholy will reach apogee and in the natural way will leave your organism.

2. Spiteful. Install as much as possible brutal toys on the computer and slice all on the maximum complexity very much. Meditate on the shattered Orochs of a bone. Enjoy the brains of boats which are flowing down from edges. Laugh loudly over the horned freak dyablo, showering with his artful blows. Enclose all negative in beating of babies - and will feel better you. you have no

If for any reasons you - not the admirer of computer games or them physically - be not upset. Throw something from a balcony and Gothic you look at the rolled small screws - pieces. I here threw the old telephone set somehow. He was all the same going to be carried for a garbage can.

3. Fine. you are left with the camera to bloody callosities. Use up wall-paper verses. Draw the melancholy reason in the passport. Elicit at the neighbor from above a balalaika and learn to play the Bohemian rhapsody... Generally, the whole world at your legs! The main thing - that troda of such cheats did not go further LJ. And that will ridicule whether you know...

4. Household. Go to a bathtub and spend at least two hours there, polishing themselves before emergence of a golden crust. Buy and make mint. Cook the most tasty food of which are capable (well or ask somebody). Get out pure and weakened, be wrapped in a fresh dressing gown and take seat to watch something very much - very favourite, jamming and washing down. There is a lot of preparation, but also effect - stunning!

And now - something is perfect other - 5. Cynical. Make the test of urine. You think, I joke? As if not so. The tremendous cynicism of this process and the evident image of what you, actually, represent will prevent you to continue to feel sorry strenuously for themselves and will cause healthy (?) laughter, especially when you will understand, as behind it there are turns. And as a bonus also a condition of the health you learn.

6. Labor. Throw out all books of cases. And clothes. And disks. And toys. And on a bed, and it is better - on the keyboard - that is so that to function normally, without having cleaned they are you could not...

... also begin raked blockages. Methodically. By the piece. As it will want - it is possible stupidly algorithmic (with a red cover, here here - with yellow), it is possible - creatively (on this shelf all jackets which would go to Borya Moiseyev, on this are that would go to Ozzik). And long. As option - under good favourite music, it is possible even vigorously - aggressive. By midnight, when everything at last will sprawl, - truly will become easier you!

All methods are tested in public. During an ispytaniyna one animal did not suffer. Only those bacteria which I crushed phone.

of Addition and specification - are accepted!.