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I recognize darling by gait? (Russians in New - York)

Central of five islands New - York - Manhattan - on the card looks as an outline for an embroidery. Streets and avenues form its geometrically accurate weaving. Only the Broadway crosses the island randomly as if someone threw on this outline, on forgetfulness, a twisted bright thread. The numbered grid of streets - the logician of the city. A Broadway - his emotions. To the Nye - York between logic and emotions does not choose. He always looks for a compromise.

In the Downtown, in that place ashore where pervoemigrant moored once, there is a monument to the founder of the city. It is known that it is the English seafarer Henry Hudson (Hudson, that is). The monument was constructed to it. But when on a pedestal already rapped out a name, the Italian community grumbled, having reminded the city authorities that in hundred years prior to emergence in these coast of decent Hudson the destiny brought Giovanni Verezano, the pirate, perhaps, the bastard here, but the main thing - the Italian; so, superiority all - belongs not to Hudson, and it. And here to you paradoxical decision of the authorities: on a pedestal with a name of the Englishman put criminal Giovanni`s bust, and near the Truth statue - a pier, it is a question of history.

is a monument to art of a compromise.

It is a pity that the final of a stormy life of Italian " remained the unknown for me; founder To the Nye - York: according to one stories, it for the numerous crimes was hung up, and on others - it was eaten by natives. The restless soul of the pirate soars over the Broadway. Day and night this street of musicals and a porno, magnificent hotels and tiny little shops blazes advertizing, attracting show-windows and disposing passersby to easy expenditure of money.

During excursion across Manhattan, so far the guide painted beauty of architecture, and we stared at them, at one of ladies cut a bag. Her husband complained: Well, what eccentric woman, carries with herself on the city of jewelry for 10 thousand dollars! .

It was the Californian millionaire, the emigrant from the Union. Twenty years ago it laid the foundation of the prospering business, having asked the wife to salt several cans of tomatoes, cucumbers and a cabbage barrel - as she was able to do it on the homeland. Fortunately, you will not select talent as money and things were taken away from emigrants. Cucumbers crackled, tomatoes attracted elasticity and in the color, the cabbage sang, having a shower bath juice, - they managed to sell all this very successfully to the nearest small restaurant. Received the following order. Now the family owns factory on salting of vegetables, supplying the blessed city of Los - Andzheles with under what it is always pleasant to pass a hundred-wig.

Between us, pedestrians, speaking - I did not see before so many gawks, greedy for a show, anywhere. In Vashingtonsky Square everyone shizik can talk about any topic and as much as necessary. Always will be brothers on reason ready to listen. I do not know whether the sin of idle curiosity will be absolved me, but also I stared there at everything that popadya. I very much liked very tall, with the tousled mane the old man in red pants singing in the square a marvelous baritone opera arias.

As for shows of more noble, they are expensive. The cheapest ticket for the Broadway musical costs not less than 40 - 50 dollars. In The Subway - the opera I bought entrance on the third tier. As always, was late. I run up smart, upholstered with a cherry velvet to a ladder, and the girl - the employee already closes a door. I very much ask you, please - I try, having been out of breath, to remember something compassionate in English that let in. Costs as a column.

is Here the devil, - it rugnutsya on native, without having sustained, - as it is offensive!

- And what I can do? - she speaks to me the purest Russian, - I will let in, so I will be dismissed!

left the hall other security guard of an order Here. While the door opened, succeeded with such speed to filter into a crack that none of them and managed to blink an eye. So that`s that. Take a look at our sort! And what I could do?

By the way, about take a look at our sort . Ours really, you will distinguish in any crowd, on clothes. In shops - on active interest in things: all will touch, will estimate, will return and again will touch... In the subway - on curiosity with what they inspect everyone sitting and standing. Our look always expresses something. Some emotion. The look of the American is functional. For what eyes are necessary? That them to look. Legs - that them to go. And we talk eyes, we complain, we criticize...

It is not a nationality, and in society. The American type of behavior and society is more rational. Teach it. Whatever it happened, on the question How are you doing? usual Fayn . And if you die, " too; Fayn differently you will write down in losers and will avoid as plagues. Exemplary this type of behavior " always seemed to me; lucky man this habit to smile, despite everything. An easy distance with all, even relatives: unusually, having taken someone for a button, to mourn the villain - destiny or, having got drunk, to find out And you respect me? . And only there, having learned how many they, the poor, pays psychoanalysts... I understood that everything in this world is fair, that is - is given nothing by gift.

Ours and clothes - a subject special. The elderly American Ruf, the casual interlocutor in the subway, without expecting to see more me, funny gossiped about manners of emigrants about Brighton - the Scourge: Present: winter, all run for work. They too - in an imperial fur coat to toe. As in theater. Or summer, heat. They - in synthetics moreover here on such heels! . Also added in Russian: Peasants... . I understand, there it is not accepted to carry what constrains the movements, the main advantage - convenience. It is rational. But how a fur coat how - that not to show a fur coat?!

At us here is how happens: the soul suddenly zanot, will request something, give up affairs - and well to listen to music... Thoroughly... And there it can be done regularly. To eat regularly. To regularly receive pleasures. After the next secular exit they ask each other: You derived pleasure? - And you derived pleasure? . And in a voice some concern as if paid hundred dollars for the ticket, and pleasures is given them on ninety five.

Americans have whims, and at Russians - the. In New - York, on Wal - the street, considering a powerful statue of the bull symbolizing force and persistence of this well-known street I saw a reminder on a native storonka. Bull very smooth and clean. Only on one side at it by something sharp it is scratched Tanya and on a forehead - Veronika .