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What is slight AIDS ?

The fingers are all thumbs, from one thought of work feel sick, and the collected fatigue does not pass even after long rest.

You get up in the morning broken and you cannot concentrate on the forthcoming affairs in any way, you are rude to people around and in general, it is ready to send all to hell Nothing pleases you, and there is a wish for nothing.

Until recently this state had no name and led up a blind alley doctors and scientists. But, having studied a problem, they allocated pathological manifestations in an organism and gave them the name Syndrome of chronic fatigue - SHU. (A syndrome - set of symptoms.)

This illness became one of medical riddles of the last time. Today it has also a set of other names: sofa plague of 21 centuries flu of Yuppi, mialgichesky encephalomyelitis, fatig - a syndrome (fatigue - weakness, fatigue ) .

It is hard to diagnose this illness. Equipment and analyses here not assistants. But SHU have quite certain symptoms. It is only necessary to consider them in total. If the person complains that he is hurt by a stomach or heart, but after inspection of somatic diseases it is not found in him, and at detailed inquiry he says that he is also disturbed by headaches, heartbeat, plentiful sweating, irritability, weakness, fever, a frequent urination, locks or ponosa Together it tells everything about SHU.

More and more people suffer from a similar misfortune. If to trust researches, already more than 3% of the population of the country. And if until recently generally creative natures (artists, actors, journalists) were subject to this illness, then today it representatives of all professions aged from 20 till 50 years have.

Complicates a situation and the fact that the people suffering from neurotic frustration the necessary expert ask for the help not at once. Pains in heart or zheludochno - an intestinal path force them to go to therapists, cardiologists and if does not help - visit psychics, grandmas. In sight of the neuropathologist or the psychotherapist they get after long-term and ineffective treatment.

Somatic symptoms are a visible part of an iceberg, - the psychiatrist and the psychotherapist N. G. Makagonenko warns. - It is the facade masking neurotic manifestations: depression, adynamy, sleeplessness or drowsiness, irritability, aggression .

The suffering SHU treat by means of the all-strengthening means, nootropic preparations, antidepressants, tranquilizers and psychotherapeutic sessions. Treatment includes also process of the solution of problems of the patient in a family or on production by means of psychologists. Who could make revaluation of vital values, is written out recovered, - N. G. Makagonenko claims. - The percent of addressing is repeatedly small. It does not mean that recurrence does not happen. Just people already know how to leave this state. We recommend to lead a healthy lifestyle, to add vitamins to a diet, to use a valerian, a pustyrnik, herbal teas from a melissa and a St. John`s Wort with " honey;.

Sometimes it helps, is more often - no, and the person long and painfully struggles with an illness. Though neuropsychiatrists note one feature - neurotic frustration are subjectively regarded as displays of an illness only the first 1 - 3 years. Further people under pressure of vital circumstances (need to keep a family, to keep on the workplace) as if adapt to frustration. At the same time in reaction to any stressful situation the increased fragility, vulnerability and tendency to a depressive form of reaction can be shown.

The combination of violations of immunity, vegetative nervous system, the parts of the nervous system participating in regulation of mood is the cornerstone of a disease. Neuropathologists carry this state to displays of vegetative dysfunction. And at the western physicians opinions concerning the reasons of developing of this illness were shared. The American researchers incline to a hypothesis that SHU is caused by a viral infection which violently develops when weakening immune system. This illness is even called slight AIDS as many symptoms of an initial phase of diseases coincide. At patients find viruses of herpetic group, a cytomegalovirus and other versions.

There is also an opinion that the reason of developing of this disease that the person does not manage to adapt to promptly changing living conditions. In evolutionary process of change occurred during thousands of years. The organism managed to find an optimum form in which could exist harmoniously. Recently changes in environment, in life and behavior of the person happen so promptly that the organism does not manage to be reconstructed and reacts as appropriate.

Estimating what is known of HU syndrome nature for today, one may say, that even in purely theoretical aspect there is no final idea neither of an etiology, nor of optimum treatment of this illness. Because treatment removes not the causes but only visible manifestations of violation of norm.

The curious hypothesis is stated by the Doctor of Engineering I. Blatov. He considers that the soul is analog of the software of an organism, also represents set of the programs ensuring its functioning at all " levels;. Proceeding from it, Protections so explains emergence in a human body of the functional failures causing various pathological processes: If the person made the evil (even in thoughts), then it will turn back for it misfortune or an illness after a while.... Negative information on the perfect evil, involuntarily settling in subconsciousness, provokes an illness . All this belongs also to SHU. And first of all people sensitive at heart suffer, the limit of endurance of their souls is lower, than at others.

If to consider that symptoms of SHU demonstrate violations in mentality of the person, and then in a body, then, first of all, spiritual, moral improvement of soul is necessary. Perhaps it is worth trying to make revaluation of values not only at the level of repayment of the local conflict in a family or at work, and to look at the life from a position of its main goal? Whether I am always right in the thoughts and acts? Whether I live in harmony with myself?