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How to the beginner to behave on a workplace?

In life of each person come sooner or later the period when there is an urgent need to come to work or to replace one with another. Someone only graduated from higher education institution and guesses as with such baggage of the theory and total absence of practice to find a vacant position, to receive it, and the most important - to keep Someone already has experience (there is it decent or modest - not it is important), but understands that there is a wish for something bigger, interesting, perspective. And to someone once just bothers to stay at home, and as a result - there is a desire to come to work at least in order that was where to go with whom to communicate, something to do

to One of important stages which not to avoid, having got a job, as we know, acquaintance and communication with new collective is. What the beginner needs to remember quickly to accustom on a workplace, to find common interests with other employees, to become a part of this society?

1. Clothes count for first impressions - the first that occurs. Everything is right, this phrase to us go on since the childhood. To make impression, it is necessary to look, at least, tidily and accurately, stylishly or with taste, as they say, it is pertinent What does it mean? Everybody is different. You should not panic if you have no opportunity to show novelties from the world of fashion. Yes can, it also is not required if in the organization, for example, works dress - a code. It is important that, looking at you, at people around the desire to mention with you a word - another was not gone. Remember that some very painfully react to any new things of colleagues like the next pair of new boots or the ringlet sparkling on a finger with diamonds If rumors or jaundiced eyes do not frighten you - everything is all right if you feel uncomfortablly in a similar situation - keep dresses for other cases.

2. Communicate with colleagues, but you do not seek to remember all and at once. You surely remember names, surnames, positions, but over time. Be not afraid to ask again, specify, there is a lot of them, and you - one / one. Also be not importunate, do not try to find friends at once. It is not necessary to tell people the biography at all, to describe details of private life, to share stories about unsuccessful love etc. of

3. Tell is not present to gossips and gossip. You came to work? So work Leave washing up of stones to others. Believe, it will help you to avoid a set of efforts and troubles. You hold a neutral position. Be friendly, smiling Avoid criticism and insults.

4. Carry out the duties, do not shirk instructions, but do not allow others to hang up on yourself everything that is only possible. Be able to speak is not present if you feel that it contradicts your desires, strikes at your rights etc. of

5. you Arrive on time for work or even a little earlier. In a quiet situation you will be able to consider something, to correct the plan for day, to check e-mail, to respond to urgent letters or to make important calls. Be not late, it does not paint the beginner at all. You do not need reputation of the unpunctual and irresponsible person?

6. If it is necessary, to linger on the place after the termination of the working day, make it. Who knows, can these 30 minutes will help you to decide today what will be tomorrow already late. But keep in mind that nobody can oblige you to work daily 12 instead of the put 8 hours or 9 instead of 6 - ti. If you do not manage to finish something to the specified term, take part of work home, give to important issues a couple of hours at the weekend Do not forget that everywhere it is necessary to be guided by common sense. It is necessary to have a rest too, as well as to get enough sleep Well the one who is able to have a rest well works!

7. With the charter to others monastery do not go. Do not try to impose to people around the principles and rules, habitual for you. What was earlier remained in the past. Now you have a new life, it is necessary to get used and be able to adapt to it. Ask questions, listen to recommendations and councils.

8. do not forget that there are always enough clever, capable and necessary people therefore be on the alert. Develop. Read special literature. Be interested in everything that is connected with your profession, specialty. Visit trainings, seminars, courses. If you feel that there is not enough knowledge, you do not hurry to quit the job. You try, study, try... Everything will come with experience. He who would eat the fruit, must climb the hill, but only the one who does nothing is not mistaken.

Trust, friends, in the forces, do not seek to seem better, than you are actually, remain yourself and successful to you injections in collective!