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How to grow up rabbits on meat, skins and the tribe?

As in four months to grow up rabbits to 3,5 - 4 kg? In January several females in my rabbit-hutch brought kids. From the best mothers I selected daughters on the tribe, and in 4 months they weighed 3,7 - 3,9 kg. Contained till November of all together in a big cage. Fed with many grass in the summer, and then hay. Often gave a branch forage, needles. When dug out potato, began to cook it and for rabbits. Mixed it with compound feed and took out it once a day gradually. Since November let out all to the shelter where to small animals there was a freedom of action and they well bred. And so now I will always do: it was convinced that well it turns out - to couple in December females with males, in January to receive the first krolchat, to support each doe-rabbit in a separate cage in the yard, it is obligatory to give a juicy forage. And still noticed that in case of shortage of milk at a doe-rabbit it is helped by top dressing by the cow`s milk diluted with tea.

Once there was an episode. In control copulation the doe-rabbit did not accept a male, and I expected from it posterity, but did not wait. It was as if false pregnancy. At such females the maternal instinct is too developed. They pull out down near nipples, arrange a nest. It occurs for 11 - 19 day after pairing, but not on 29 - 31, as at real-life pregnancy. Then - that it is also possible to reveal krolchikhin deception.

Krolchat always take away from mothers at the age of 2 months. At this time they usually weigh 1,6 - 1,8 kg. Further till 3 months I contain big groups. I give grain crusts and compound feed in very moderate norm, trying to feed many good hay, a willow, brooms scalded by boiled water, and gradually needles of a fir-tree and pine. Once again about grain crusts and compound feed: they should be given only together with boiled potato, preparing for the bourgeois from 1 part of the grain remains, 5 - potatoes, 1 - carrots, 1 - beets. It is desirable to add salt and if is, a few burned bones, cod-liver oil. From 3 to 4 months strenuously I feed with anything, including compound feed and grain crusts. During this period we prepare rabbits on slaughter. I recommend to hand over them in a live look to suppliers. It is more favorable to a krolikovod.

Why rabbit skins happen to black spots and a weak inner side? It is not possible to remove a skin without to tearing it. In what the reason? These are some of those questions which arise at the beginning krolikovod. Answers to them set. I will give only those which were checked by time and in practice.

Time of a face of rabbits for a skin is determined generally by a condition of a molt and density of indumentum. Adult rabbits fade twice a year - in the spring and in the fall. After the termination of an autumn molt (since the end of November on March) receive skins with fluffy, brilliant and dense fur. At young growth there pass two age molts: the first comes to an end by 4 - 4,5 months, the second - by 7 - 7,5 months. Schedules of a molt can be moved up on time depending on feeding, terms of the birth, climatic conditions, a season and conditions of keeping. Therefore it is necessary to slaughter rabbits selectively.

When changing indumentum (molt) skin of skins of color rabbits happens blue color and when the molt is finished, skin is cleared and becomes white - pink. Inflating a hair on various parts of the body of a rabbit, it is possible to notice blue on skin. It means that the molt is not finished. At pure it is white - pink skin on all parts of a body of a rabbit can hammer. During change of a hair skin becomes friable and fragile in view of what at removal from an inner side of a fatty film it is easily torn. From the removed skin delete a fatty film on a pig, and the meat remains - the careful movement of a knife or stupid braid in the direction from a tail to the head. Skins of rabbits - males are usually thicker, stronger and best of all trimmed, than skins of females.

So, main conditions: selection of good parental couples (not the patients who did not grow fat, dairy, clean etc.), winter okrol and the correct stage-by-stage feeding. Look round whether the rabbit-hutch where you hold a uterus is spacious whether much in it is mute dry straw whether there are no foreign dangerous objects, whether roll where deadborn a krolchata. But whether rats are guilty of death of kids? In dark corners of a rabbit-hutch it is quite good to put a krysolovka. And then with cultivation rabbits of problems will not be.

Also do not trust a saying - Breed as rabbits - not such this simple business also, anyway, demands scrupulous scientific approach to business. The economy of those collective farmers who do not use antiquated ways and apply in practice theoretical knowledge from which I described short excerpts here, always rabbit-hutches burst with issues, and their owners were for a long time provided with tasty meat and earned additionally on sale of skins. Good luck.