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How it is correct to ask about increase?

Today we will talk about career again and we will consider a situation in which you are already ready to occupy the next step of a career ladder, and the administration somehow does not scratch.

Most of people do not ask increase for fear to be refused, from - for uncertainty, from - that they do not know what to do to them in case of refusal. What it is possible to tell these shy careerists? Try. It is the old and tested way increase all - to receive. Especially as only for shy these, we prepared a little universal cunnings of a request for increase .

And the first cunning consists in a good choice of time for a request. This that time when you have to shine. You look in the morning in a mirror and understand that Chekhov told it about you: In the person everything has to be fine... And today that day! At the same time, everything has to be good also at your firm. It has to be on take-off. Have to speak about progress of your company. So, the first indispensable rule says - ask in time!

The second cunning is that before asking increases, it is necessary for itself to understand accurately what you want. To achieve the objective, it is necessary to have it, at least. For this purpose answer yourself some questions. For example, formulate a problem in which solution the management, and also possible versions of the solution of this problem is interested. Also it is desirable such which bear in themselves the maximum benefits for firm. And the main thing, draw to yourself in the head those awful consequences which can come at a tightening of a solution.

And after that you can safely pass all this on the healthy head of the chief. The analysis has to be made, preferably, in writing. In the presence of such analysis submitted to the management at the right time and on to reasonable price as a rule, there is an affirmative answer.

Well, and cunning last for today consists in the answer to one question: why your increase for the benefit of the chief? If you are not able to answer it, do not spend time for a request for increase.