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How to spend WebMoney?

Stay at home. I am ill. And on the mobile phone money came to an end. I houses also do not use it, but I have direct city number - every day for its rent a certain sum is withdrawn. And I can be called. What to do? To ask someone from house to descend to pay or buy the card? No! More and more simply.

On the computer I open WM - the keeper, I press the corresponding inscription, I import number of the phone, the necessary sum - and money already on the phone bill. In a moment. It is not necessary to go anywhere.

All of us receive for articles published in Shkolezhizni WMZ - an equivalent of dollars. Whether and many know about all opportunities to spend this money, except payment for phone or the Internet? The system of electronic payments WebMoney Transfer allows a lot of things.

First of all interests all whether it is possible to cash electronic money? Yes. Even if you live in a deaf corner of Russia, nearby there is a Sberbank branch or any other bank. You can transfer money for the passbook, and further already to spend. It is enough to fill in the application for the translation with the bank details and to press the button. During the day money will appear in your bank. Next time in the kept form enough will only put down the transferred amount and to press the translation button. It is possible to receive money and the postal or telegraphic transfer. If money at you not in rubles, them it is easy to exchange for rubles by means of this service. Here people exchange various currencies. And it is frequent, especially when hurry, offer exchange rates more favourably than official.

But it is much more convenient to receive cash in exchange offices at once. There is a special website where you can learn about an arrangement of the WM services in 4381 settlements in 33 countries of the world (for today). Choose the next!

And about uncountable options to spend your electronic money for services and purchases without leaving the house this page will tell. Often electronic payments appear not only it is more convenient, but also it is more favorable usual.

That who just wants to store some time money in the WebMoney system, offers a wide choice of purses for various currencies:

WMR - an equivalent of Russian rubles (a purse like R) WMZ - an equivalent of US dollars (a purse like Z)

WME - euro equivalent (a purse like E)

WMU - an equivalent of the Ukrainian hryvnia (a purse like U)

WMB - an equivalent of Belarusian rubles (a purse like B)

WMY - an equivalent of the Uzbek sum (a purse like Y)

A since July 20, 2007 in the WebMoney Transfer system are entered by

purses of new type - WMG or WebMoney Gold. Means on purses of this type are provided with gold in ingots. The ratio of exchange rates in system is carried out on the same exchange principle, as earlier. The price of unit of WMG will fluctuate during every period of time depending on supply and demand of participants of system, the same as the internal exchange rate of other currency equivalents - WMR, WMZ, WME and so on is established. Everyone can choose for himself more favorable, in his opinion, a type of storage of money. The mutual currency exchange can be carried out through the exchange service mentioned above.

When is where to spend electronic money, there is a question - as to obtain them more? But it is already a subject of other article.