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Whether there is a difference between male and female style of the management?

Requirements imposed to the head do not depend on a difference of floors. They are absolute. But style of the management depends on a sex of the head.

It is unconditional that the man is more consecutive and less emotional. Such head is more cruel and exacting, and it is correct, without power pressure any business will not move off dead center. Moreover, it bears all completeness of responsibility for good reason, and the subordinate in the right to ask over time what he was taught to what prospect was offered what part of responsibility was delegated?

of the Woman, by the nature, are soft and gentle in management. Hysterics are possible only in extreme cases of disobedience or full lack of talent in implementation of orders.

The ideal example of government of Great Catherine II speaks about power of the nation of that time. Work under the leadership of the woman - ideal check of the man on durability. Most it is necessary to take the responsibility, most to build career, using if is, personal charm, but is a dangerous way, the way of the favourite demanding brilliant political skills. The one who is loved by women is hated by men, colleagues. Here also turn in a camp of ill-wishers.

The head - the woman as a rare exception is anxious with training of personnel, she does not suffer applicants for a throne, jealously preserving herself against various encroachments. This line forms the basis of widespread opinion that the woman in business is aggressive. The similar opinion finds the greatest nonsense of the person, misunderstanding of an essence of the events.

The woman - the head, therefore, a find for the leader - the man. If he manages to take the worthy place in the management, then on it all force of female devotion and generosity will condescend.

Suvorov Alexander Vasilyevich only at the woman - the head was able to afford to have personal opinion, than was especially appreciated among soldiers, and, knowing the value of the merits and experience for the empress, to allow any liberties at court. And any liberal person at Ivan the Terrible, Peter I, Joseph Stalin, here and the reason, in fact things, death of their, apparently, courageous and timely undertakings.

And Catherine II was called The Mother - the defender involuntarily drawing a parallel with the mothers, also dissembled at the same time with might and main, - so freedom, brothers! But also worked, without feeling sorry for forces, come into park and bypass a monument around, everything as one, left a mark in the history, what names. There are good fellows! The example of Saltychikhi is not indicative. It is impossible to bring the generalized interpretation out of a single example. The man`s world in the cruelty and brutality blocks all saltychy as the Pacific Ocean Lake Ladoga.

Society in many respects copes a female half: gave birth to each person and brought up mother. The part of upholding of their expectations is assigned to men. Let`s look at statistics and we will see that overwhelming quantity of bank deposits, the ownership of land and houses belong to a weak half, if it not so, then society is threatened by accident. And the politician who is not considering this fact will never be elected and will not break through in the upper class of political elite.

Not for nothing the woman was and will a symbol of all revolutions. At will of the Mother - the nature the woman is more reasonable, the zdravomyslyashcha, thinks not only about health, but also of the future of posterity. All ideas which apply for a vseobjemnost have to pass the maternal examination and only then will be supported and realized.

Inability of the man to work under a feminine is a sign of lack of courage and immaturity of the personality.