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How to dispel the myth? Vampires.

Very few people from the people reading books about others, amazing worlds did not meet definition of such type of beings how to indulge. These beings acting as representatives of evil will in books and movies so densely grew together with imagination of people that from other worlds crept in our own. From minor negative characters of fenteziyny books they turned into the real threat to mankind recreated in the books and movies describing not the fictional country, but real (often modern) the world. So from where the faith of people in them undertook? The belief which created Bleyda and From a decline till the dawn but not glorified work in which the young elf or a ler conducted the BMW on streets of Zhytomyr or at least New - York.

Legends of the different countries store a set of mentions of beings - the murderers sucking blood of people. There is no uniform standard of their look and the name. Any legend can choose the. Tremer, toreador, vencha, general, nosferata, salubr And there are a lot more others. And their descriptions are also various. The vampire - the sorcerer, the vampire - the artist, the beautiful villain living among people, the vampire - the transformer capable to understand languages of animals and to accept their shape, the vampire - the freak deformed and terrible, the vampire - the zombie decaying even being a vampire,

I which is given rise by imagination of residents of Caribbean countries is still not all embodiments of a uniform look. Whether such quantity of stories could be a consequence of the usual imagination or it has a real basis? And as far as this basis is real?

If to analyse all these myths, then vampires can be divided into three look.

First - beings strong and clever, neither live, nor the dead able to fly, killing the victim, exhausting its blood. They do not die a natural death and are afraid only of crosses, holy water and aspen stakes. The ideal murderers existing only in imagination of science fiction writers.

Second - people, consciously or unconsciously, living at the expense of donor vital forces, received the name power vampires .

I third - real people who became bases of legends, because of the behavior or physical illnesses.

How it? Yes it is very simple.

History reunited together two types of legends.

First: legends of the people who glorified the name great crimes .

The count Vlad III Tsepesh nicknamed Dracula was it. By the way, contrary to the general belief, the word Dracula does not mean " at all; devil . Actually devil it is translated as drakul . And it Vlad`s father had the surname. And Dracula it is actually translated as the son of the person, whose name was drakul . (As middle name: Ivan - Ivanovich, Drakul - Dracula). And here nickname tsepesh translated as kolosazhatel Vlad III received quite deservedly. During one of arranged to them slaughters (in its own possession) in one day on a stake 30 thousand people were put. (Isn`t that so all horrors of modern movies grow dim before reality?)

The countess Elisabeth Batori which became horror of Transylvania was such. To keep the youth, she ordered to abduct young girls, killed them and took baths in the big tub filled with blood. Imagine superstitious fear of peasants of the 16th century who began to find their bloodless bodies. By hand countesses over 650 girls died. (Where there to Jack the Ripper!)

And the second: a set of stories about people - the derelicts who created the illnesses the general image of the vampire .

Anemia. From the Greek word bloodless . A consequence of an illness is: pallor, weakness, short wind.

Katalepsiya. It was expressed vnarusheniye of nervous system which could become the reason of stay of vital signs. Decrease in sensitivity to pain and heat, lack of the movement, decrease in breath and pulse to such an extent that the person could be quite recognized the dead. The condition of a katalepsiya could proceed from an hour to several days. During this time still the living person could be buried. Having the imagination can think up continuation of a similar situation and present on what thoughts similar incident pushed people. (As an example - a plot of novels Consuelo and Countess Rudolnshtadt )

Porfiriya. Hereditary illness of blood. The organism cannot make red little bodies. And as a result: sensitivity to a sunlight, pallor, skin around lips and gums is dried up that does cutters by more outstanding. Reminds nothing? By the way, whether you had to hear that small children eat chalk or salt? And parents speak: Means, is not enough in an organism ? And if in an organism there are not enough red little bodies of blood? To what, on such logic, has to pull the person?

Here they are vampires. The real beings living not only in books, but also in reality. In various images.

Recently I read about the girl who considered herself as the vampire. She hid from a sunlight, sucked blood. The most surprising was that from light her skin really became covered by spots of burns. But it was not sick with a porfiriya. It was put in hospital to investigate this phenomenon. There to it the priest came and sprinkled it holy water. What happened? The girl shouted from pain, and on skin in those places where water got, burns seemed. Terribly? Yes, it would be terrible if not one BUT. It was not the priest. And water was ordinary water from - under the crane, gathered in the neighboring room. And the similar case is not single.

The reality of myths in our consciousness is how strong that it is capable to create similar phenomena? And how to separate what we see and we hear, from what we trust in?