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Interview - 1995

The Only thing for the sake of what it is worth living, is L Yu B of O B .

Mikhail Shchelkonogov

of Interview with Mikhail Shchelkonogov. Center Solar Way. 1995.

- Why your doctrine is called Solar way ?

- Because life is the movement, continuous development. It is natural what on the first years of training of people does not see sunny side of the Doctrine, its softness and tenderness. It is easily explainable: any new outlook, any system of values will wound habitual outlooks on life. Learns what will wound. The first step - the most difficult. Why? There are no facts, there is no experience, there is no internal history - it is necessary to step in uncertainty. The 100-th step - everything accurate, clear, certain and learns that it learns. The huge field of opportunities of change of the destiny opens. The free and independent choice is provided.

- your pupils call puteyets why not travelers?

- we Will think of a concept " origin; traveler . It is our habitual, blank look on the person passing by. Does not interest us: from where it goes and where, whom left behind and to whom hurries, us its inner world, his knowledge, spiritual aspirations, health does not interest at all, we are indifferent to its Destiny. Me tortured questions: Who are we? How to us to call itself? - Who - who? - people - the person . Such answer of people does not arrange. It is our habit to hang labels, on the one hand, but with another - an opportunity to be defined in belonging to this or that human activity. Also look how the concept " remarkably approaches; puteets . This is the person having a way, the direction of life, strategy and tactics of the movement. The person knowing what he does why and why. The person realizing for what and for whom he lives, and it is accurate, clearly and specifically at any moment of life. The person having the General.

- Who can call himself puteyets?

- Any person living on Earth, living nowadays and who is not given birth yet is puteyets. Everyone is born to pass the way called by life. Destiny at everyone - very capacious concept: calling, recognition, conscience. All of us are puteyets with only one difference - spheres of competence. However many was to you years, turn back back - you will see a way. You will see the lost opportunities, offended, ( unfairly ) You people etc., etc., etc. So do not live, in any case long, so it is impossible to live. And how it is possible? How not to repeat similar mistakes in the future? All are equal, the sun shines over all, love all.

- Tell about history and development of the " Center; Solar Way

- Everything began in 1975. Present that somewhere there live Teachers who are concerned by questions not only philosophical character, but also our real life. For the life these people became professionals in this or that sphere of knowledge. It is natural that they were concerned by a question of further development of this knowledge. Everyone taught me to the and in own way.

- What people are? May you tell about them in more detail?

are people of surprising modesty, on the one hand, with another - realization of life of the teacher is the pupil. For these reasons my teachers decided to remain in the shadow. I am grateful to them for the fact that the choice fell on me.

Grateful is not the one who remembers, and the one who does not forget .

of Many of them is already dead. I constantly meet many, I report on progress, on failures, often we correct and we accept strategic plans of further development, and it is possible to tell that all my life is devoted to the Doctrine Solar Way . And from this position it is possible to understand my acts, my work, my life.

Since some moment of preparation I began to teach and impart this knowledge.

The Doctrine - double training .

I as personal experience was saved up, it led to more profound synthesis of this shattered, highly specialized knowledge. Depth them demanded the corresponding responsibility for the pupil`s life. For this reason training was conducted especially individually. Coverage of knowledge is unlimited. Actually Solar Way can professionally answer any question of the expert.

If to ask a question that such development of a civilization, then the most important answer is a search and check of earlier opened knowledge on the validity. There is another: what there is a truth?

The Truth is simple when to you it was explained .

throughout centuries understood eternal, firm laws as truth. These particles of knowledge were found and gathered many generations. People spent all the life for separating grains from a ryegrass . In view of huge importance of these " grains; they were handed down before publishing opening. Hand-written options often occupied all life of copyists. Modern opportunities of typographical business depreciated the Book. Plus to everything the civilization reached such heights, such extensive fields of knowledge that transfer of idea it is forcedly verbose . Reading this literature requires special preparation. Nobody will explain university knowledge, for example, if you did not graduate even from elementary school. Are not familiar with elementary . Concept elementary - for everyone individually. Here somebody was engaged in you?

- Were engaged. You!

- to you was lucky. Agree, this knowledge belongs to all Mankind. Information belongs to all. Look at the sky. Somewhere there highly Noosphere. Wisdom well. Everyone has the right and full freedom to drink from this inexhaustible source. For this reason in Solar Way there is no concept competition . The competition arises when something is limited, something is missing.

A truth... It is so accurate and clear, to genius is simple that we in the crafty sophistication we do not notice it and we do not recognize. Happen pass - tragedies and at everyone in life: fought - fought, made, in a month learned that invented a samovar. Or collected false information. Applied - it was convinced - lie, and years are lost, and opportunities, alas, not those.

- you suggest to apply this knowledge?

- What for truth which cannot be applied and results to wait for years? Not only it is possible, but also realization is necessary. In usual, everyday life, since trifles. In that is that and a charm of these laws. Anyhow you understand information?

- When begins training?

When the Pupil is ready - the Teacher " appears;.

- is necessary For perception of any new information preparation. For day you make a set of decisions. We offer a different view on each, small act. Day after day collects puteyskiya experience. Only this way it is possible to understand need of further training. It is fine when youth comes, forces, enthusiasm - are time for fulfillments. But the value of life experience cannot be cancelled. - About! I had it . - The person understands better about what he there is a speech. Internal readiness for perception puteysky information, therefore, does not depend on age. I consider that it is not necessary neither to teach people, nor to teach. Has to love people. I in general very much like people with all their merits and demerits. Synthesis of all pluses and minuses also creates the personality, identity. I offer friendship - trust, belief, confidence, a uverovaniye, love. It is also a way of the full-fledged human relations.

By What measure you measure each person has to have

someone who can be told YOU. Someone devoted personally to you.

It is A lot of invited, it is not enough elite

Ya itself, elected the free will to this way. Business in you.

- In 1990 thanks to financial and moral support of teachers we opened our Center. From this point sufficient experience was already saved up and there was an opportunity to begin group training with preservation of an individual approach.

- As pass occupations?

- Should notice that truth, and any truth, is checked by work and time. For this reason for any of listeners Solar Way the right to check any information which it obtains at lectures is granted. They are read once a week, and I consider that this sufficient time in order that in the life to approve the knowledge gained at lectures and to be ready for the next information. Solar Way your application does not limit this knowledge, your communication with people, with the nature. This truth will sustain any checks. So, on accruing, we also go.

- is A lot of at you pupils?

- is A lot of...

- And what their results?

- Very immodest question. On ethical standards Solar Way I have no right something to speak about the pupils. You understand, it concerns their life, their family relations, their professional career, just souls of the person. In the course of any training the feeling of trust of the pupil to the teacher lies. That the listener had a trust, I have to guarantee, exactly guarantee, confidentiality of our conversations.

- If I correctly understood you, the person comes to solve the problems, solves them by means of the knowledge gained at you, and is farther that?

- you are curious as any woman. In - the first, problems come to an end when life comes to an end. Nobody can deprive of you problems, and at each age they are the. Quality of human life depends on ability to define and solve the arising problems whereas eluding from tasks, you know, than come to an end.

As a string do not curl, you will all the same be twisted in a lash

In - the second, having learned to solve certain problems, having tested pleasure of creativity, the person seeks for comprehension of new knowledge. In - the third, and I think that it interests you, communication with me remains for very simple reason: the person is grateful for the gained knowledge, we together lived a certain piece of life, but the most important - I as that house doctor and only I know internal history developments of the pupil. In particular, I did not see some 10 - 15 years. It is a separate topic of conversation about those whom I remember and I love. Many of them live abroad, others made professional career, someone achieved results in policy, someone in medicine, someone the famous musician. It is a lot of very dear business people. It is even more happy married couples, happy in every respect . I consider: family happiness is more important than any professional achievements. I am glad to any meeting with them. It is a holiday for two. The person became completely independent, courageous, courageous, socially active. You understand, I live life, I eat the bread, the work, and I WILL not lead the pupil`s life. It is necessary for nobody. The German proverb says:

Everyone has to lay the bed and on it to sleep

If you are able to lay it, you are happy with your dream: on one happy person there was more.

- So it Solar Way ?

- the Most ancient science Philosophy - love to wisdom - raised and puts many and many questions in development of humanity. Was, is and there will be a natural aspiration of people to knowledge. Going deep in understanding of a world order, we open everything new and new depths. For example, one of opening - " peaceful atom;. And still billions of dollars are spent for military needs. Every ninth day on Earth rattles nuclear explosion. The price of these tests - Earth ecology. The knowledge which is not limited to ethics can lead to the tragedy. It is a vicious way and mankind, and the person. Any scientist is obliged to bear and bears responsibility to people for the ideas. The outlook of the ordinary person over the years develops irrespective of his profession and education. And over the years any of us begins to think of the responsibility to people, that he lives among people and for people. And it is already other, not less ancient science - Ethics which define rules of the HOSTEL. Relation of people to the world, to people. Attitude towards, to the life, the consciousness etc. etc. Well, look at our history. Really really you consider that human relations changed? Unless wars disappeared? Parents ceased to beat children? Disappeared spiritual drudgery ? Family quarrels are forgotten? What is interesting to our country? Russia now in a transition period. This period moral uncertainty is terrible. What to do to youth? Old ideals are destroyed, and new nobody offers. Life goes. Lack of moral principles deprives of a support and destroys young life, spiritual integrity of the personality. In youth the spiritual core on which the trifle behind a trifle under the name life is strung is necessary. How to build the life if there are no rules at all if everyone invents a samovar?

And years run, and all best years

We distracted a little - became painful. Solar Way - it is philosophy which is limited by ethics, and ethics which is developed by philosophy. The trinity of the person is considered: body, soul, reason. Solar Way therefore, concerns all spheres of human life. Philosophy, outlook of the person - food of intelligence. Ethics - food of soul. Harmonization, clear and certain communication of soul and reason, lead to physical health. A sound mind in a sound body, and vice versa: a sound mind - health.

- Is effect of improvement?

You to judge and doctor

- what occurs? Let`s talk about an inferiority complex. Inferiority is knowledge, incomplete, but valuable, important, significant for life. Is more often what happens? Learned and only late. Years - that left. Something was told by parents, something was taught by grandfathers, something guessed, but all this is unsystematic, separate. Not the blanket which it is possible to take cover from bad weather, to have a rest, be prepared, to gain strength, and scraps from fragments.

It is a shame to be poor before PEOPLE!

That you such armless, good-for-nothing? You creation just like ? Why complex? All ingenious is simple: inferiority is spiritual, intellectual, corporal. Something with this complex should be done. You want - study, you do not want - do not study. Who is concerned by your life, except you?

To Study - means to change .

Is hard sincere, intellectual work.

If not I for, then who for me?

But if I only for, then why I?

Before thinking of others what you with yourself - that made?! Here also you judge yourself, but not others. Here also you treat yourself, but do not advise others. You will deal with yourself, maybe, you and will have a moral right something to people to tell.

It is a shame to be rich before GOD!

Let`s say you grew rich. To who serves your money? All people brothers. How to earn spiritual wealth? Respect, recognition of people you managed to deserve? Whether everything is bought by money? And, if you are really rich, for certain can answer this question. The clear conscience is expensive pleasure, dear reader. Solar Way - it is the full-fledged system of knowledge which is in continuous development. At the person knowing the principles Solar Way there is a future, confidence in tomorrow. It is impossible to live past. It is impossible to turn around constantly back. You you remember that there was to the wife Lota?

- Yes, I remember. Interesting at us conversation turned out...

- Unless is conversation? It is a monologue. You would know as I was tired of monologues! People come with the same questions because we live in one boat under the name Earth. We are so similar, at us there is a lot of general. Both the American, and the Japanese, and the Yakut think: where to study what to study to when to study? Both the Italian, and the Australian, and the Russian think: whom to marry, where to find love how to bring up the child? All of us are people, and we are concerned by the same problems.

The Person needs the person

Natural development of the " Center; Solar Way - issue of the almanac. We will try to inform of our knowledge you, dear readers. In each number lecture from an introduction course filosofsko - the ethical doctrine " is offered; Solar Way . Lecture is what it is possible to tell all. Honor to you and praise if you, having put a certain work, gather in them something for yourself personally. Filosofsko - ethical knowledge is difficult. Their application in life not so - that is simple. Remember that development and training of each person strictly individually.

From lecture in lecture is given the certain material sufficient for independent reflection. Information is printed in strict sequence. From thought to thought, we seek to transfer Idea. To clear, but not to obscure already difficult concepts.

Difficulties in process of receipt .

No living man all things can. Difficulties in understanding are possible, do not despair. Nobody, anywhere, hurries anybody. Postpone for several days, the desire will appear - you will return. If at the next reading there is a new understanding of read, rejoice - you grow. You will comprehend over and over again everything new details. The recommended frequency of uniform reading - two weeks. General strategy of Idea: from the general to the particular, and further to full.

the Doctrine answers four main issues:

As has to be?

As HAS TO be?

As it is necessary to LIVE!

As it is POSSIBLE to live!

- That is you offer a certain theory which I can apply in the ordinary life now?

- is any theories Much...