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What do we know about Emmanuile Kazakevich?

on September 22, 1962, 45 years ago, stopped heart 49 - summer Emmanuil Kazakevich, the writer on whose works the present youth learns the truth about the Great Patriotic War. In any case, movie on Kazakevich`s story Star like to show many Russian channels not only on the eve of memorials, but also in the purposes voyenno - patriotic education of youth .

We will begin to start again from the beginning. Future writer in a family of the teacher Heinrich Kazakevich 11 was born on February (24), 1913. In one and a half years World War I burst, but the father managed to escape in this Moloch. Further it it was reforged from the teacher in the journalist so the growing-up son observed such picture more than once - in the evening in a log hut the father sits at a table, having inclined over a sheet of paper, and from time to time procrastinates a bit ink pencil in order that records were more accurate. On a wall fancy outlines creep away, and the uneven spark of an oil lamp shuddering after each sharp movement of the curly head helps to play the whole performances of a shadow play.

This fascinating game awakes in soul of the boy images. He tries to give them some shape. And as the delight sometimes mixes up with terrible fear (once came in dream as some terrible bird tries to carry away the father), words in itself keep within poetic lines. It, of course, not Drilling a haze the sky covers then Emmie as call the boy in a family, did not know many Russian words, language of communication was native, Jewish. By the way, and the first verses and articles in 17 - summer age Kazakevich - younger will write on it. And it is even more - the first story which Emmanuil will write in Russian, will become just - Star but it will be much later, we still will return to it

For now after leaving school and the Kharkiv machine-building technical school 17 - the summer young man for soul goes to master the Far East, to the capital of just educated Jewish Autonomous Oblast. The educated and inquisitive young man quickly proves. In the beginning he is appointed the foreman, then the engineer, then the supervising foreman and, at last, trust to head one of Komsomolsk - youth buildings.

At Kazakevich it turned out! It finished building of object before the planned term. It was praised, and suggested to create from scratch collective farm, having appointed the chairman. But then thirst for literature got the best, he leaves to direct youth theater, in parallel cooperating with a number of newspapers.

It is interesting that not so long ago one of Kazakevich`s poems in the " newspaper was revealed; Pacific Komsomol member published in 1933. From Yiddish into Russian it was translated and given to the newspaper by the poet Semyon Bytovoy. The work subject is even more remarkable - it is devoted to culture of Koreans whose large community was those years in the territory of the Birobidzhan area.

But it was only the episode of stormy literary life of the young poet. The world very well knows about the novel in verses Eugene Onegin but it is much less about the novel in verses Shol and Hava written in Yiddish. Yes representatives of the Jewish community will forgive me if I am mistaken, but, apparently, it is about love of the girl and young man. I will be grateful if someone, reading in Yiddish, adds article with the story about this novel to

Besides the period also two poetic collections - " belong; World and Birobidzhan and also several tens verses are published in " newspapers; Birobidzhaner Stern and Birobidzhan star .

In 1938 Emmanuil Kazakevich comes to Moscow where continues to be engaged in poetry. This time he does not invent the engine, and translates into Yiddish of work of Pushkin, Lermontov, Mayakovsky. It would be interesting to listen, especially to Mayakovsky When war began

, Kazakevich was exempted from an appeal from - for strong short-sightedness (one eye: -8, and the second: -10). But he was not going to sit out in the back, left the volunteer. The competent, knowing several languages second lieutenant eventually got to division of investigation. Its group often made raids in the back of the enemy, got valuable data, several times beat off the pressing Hitlerites. From those who began war in investigation by the Victory Day only a few units escaped. Among them and the brave officer E. Kazakevich. And though he not really - that liked to put on awards, even holidays, but his ceremonial single-breasted coat was decorated by 8 fighting awards and medals, including two awards of the Red Star and two awards of the Great Patriotic War.

Story Star it was finished in two years after May victorious salutes in honor of prostrate fascism. Than this small work touches deeply? First of all, force of the art truth, brightness of characters, can be even grotesque. Of course, it is difficult to imagine that in usual reconnaissance group such ideal characters are picked up, as in literary to reconnaissance group of the lieutenant Travkin, but we will not forget that the main task of the writer to represent reality as much as possible authentically. And the author coped with this task.

The plan of the story arose in the spring of 1944 near Kovel where large offensive operation of the Soviet troops in this connection intelligence agents had enough cares prepared. Sometimes they were ready to drop from legs, but persistently passed a front line for the purpose of getting " languages; it was necessary to know about the movement of Hitlerite troops.

And in June, 1944 there was a small calm. And Emmanuil very briskly began to correspond with the wife Galina, the benefit mail went regularly. Once he wrote in the letter: You Should not say that I did not try to surpass Lermontov by ranks, and Denis Davydov - awards. If it also left so, then I, in any case, want to exceed as soon as possible the first and second poems . In this easy self-irony Kazakevich all. Though he not without pride spoke to the spouse, lining war results that made at least five feats. From the private became the captain, from the simple fighter - the chief of investigation of the " division; being almost blind, became the great soldier and the good intelligence agent did not use the profession of the writer and a poor eyesight for arrangement of life far away from bullets did not toady the administration in the most difficult moments it was cheerful and vigorous, did not try to hide from difficulties, and met requirements of them and won against them .

Story Star brought to the writer the world popularity, it is enough to tell that it was published more than 50 times in many countries of the world. And further there were stories Two in the steppe Friend`s Heart novel Spring on Oder and its continuation The House on the square . After Emmanuil Kazakevich became the winner of the State award, he undertook lighting or, will be to tell more pertinently, consecration Vladimir Ilyich Lenin`s image. At Kazakevich it it is simple block and experienced great man in peak to the usurper to companion Stalin . Perhaps, we would become witnesses not of one ten books about Lenin. But, as wrote in obituaries, " in those days; the death pulled out from our ranks Emmanuil Kazakevich at the height of glory and creative ideas.

And small story Star I think, for a long time will endure the author