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What is stored in chests? Someone, maybe, saw

in the ethnographic museums, and someone, maybe, and itself remembers these ancient chests, wattled of a rod or wooden, heavy, with a carving, shod heavy squares, with bronze figured handles on each side. The smell of lavender branches, roots of elder, naphthalene did not disappear from them yet. Smells of old times and good quality. From within pasted over a chest cover with basten pictures, daguerreotypes, later already photos, decorated with the pasted sea cockleshells, cuttings from cards. You will open and will gasp, here so a chest!. Chests were an indicator of prosperity of a family. Not a skopidomstvo, but validity, diligence, durability of the Russian life.

Since the childhood to the girl in a dowry chests gathered and swelled: a feather chest - there pillows, feather-beds and not one. On one to sleep, the second - is thinner - to take cover, thoughts down, children`s perinka and pillows. Table chest - besides ware, flat dishes and, the main thing, - a samovar Tula. Without feather-beds and a samovar and a dowry is not present. Holsteva a chest with pieces of a cloth bleached, cuts on sundresses, ponevam, silk tapes, shawls and kerchiefs. Different chests, at whom as, on prosperity.

Looked after sunduchny good - touched, aired, on the sun dried that did not lie too long. The prayer from a pokrazha and the fire was put. Like these chests their younger brothers - suitcases looked. All were firm, under one formation, with shod corners, almost in one color scale. God forbid to touch whom with such suitcase. With such our fathers left on the front, and from the front came back with suitcases trophy Gross Germany . Well, and where it remained gross ?

Somewhere and now on cellars and attics it is possible to find the chest or a suitcase full of dedovy yet - pradedovy to nobody the necessary forgotten things. Shot by time.

And there: abacus, horn crests, needles for kerosene stoves - paraffin stoves, and even a kerosene stove, iron coal irons, manual sewing machines, a boot for inflating of a samovar, snuff tobacco, old oversleeves, inkwells - neprolivayka, galoshes, pioneer ties, the Chinese bobbleheads, moneyboxes - cats, open fountain pens, tweezers for a sugar splitting, ridge beaters for a linen strika in the small river, an empty bottle of cologne Red Moscow shovels for a bread sazheniye in the furnace, eye-glasses, mazany on a picture oilcloth with a pond and the maiden, bast shoes, mouthpieces for manual stuffing of cigarettes, the mathematician Magnitsky, someone`s death notification, a record player, plates about a plate growth, radio receiving stations round, wash basins with pipky, nippers for removal of a deposit of candles, oven forks - slingshots, the OSOAVIAHIMA badges, leave - leave, valyany hats from the sun, a linking of old letters under a ribbon, round elastic bands for stockings, the newspaper with Kerzon`s note, trousers - riding breeches, fans, pillows which are cross stitched zapravny cores for ball-point pens, kapron stockings with shooters, hat boxes, braces women, round watch on a charm, sacks for carrying neprolivayek in school, old photos, babkina corsets with baleen, letters a triangle with number VCh, lenses for the first TVs, elephants for a sofa back, nightcaps, self-made Christmas tree decorations, chips, matches for oil lamps, fildepersovy - fildekoksovy socks, St George`s Crosses, notebooks of hand-written recipes, chrisom-cloths, the first volosik of the baby, siphons, hair curlers paper, the Bible with records of the family chronicle, underpants with tapes, carnival costumes, spillikins, Lenin`s byustik - Stalin, " raincoats; Bologna sheep scissors, man`s nightgowns, yokes, bench hammers, diaries, ploughshares, door beaters, footcloths, budenovka, tobacco pouches, saloon albums with records of boyfriends, just some memorable cockleshell or a fir cone, the dried flower...

Stop me, I cannot more. Remember (it is possible - to organize a blitz a marathon of the forgotten things). Things which made part of life of our ancestors, in any case of ancestors far it is rather grandmothers - grandfathers - at those to a pobola of things became outdated during their life) in a prompt century the twentieth. They took them in hand, used them, loved them, and cleaned in chests whether for memory, whether behind uselessness - let will lie down. But did not throw out, and could. The things which consigned to the past, but such lovely to heart today, the stories which went to chests.

People left, and their things lie, here they. Warmth of touches of our ancestors, their fluids, fingerprints is stored in them, at last. Their DNA, at last. It is possible to smell grandfathers a tobacco pouch, to touch roughness of a linen homespun cloth, to press cold cast iron of the coal iron to a cheek and to feel its not cooled down heat of times, ashes of coals, to inhale a smell of old tobacco, travny spirit of fabric.

We will pass, and smells - ghosts will remain, phantoms of last days, ghosts of ancestors in corners of six hundred-internal wheelbarrows rural. You do not leave, do not disappear, stay with us in imperishable ashes of old chests, in corners of sheds, cellars, attics, in old walls. Do not abandon us. Alone to us, we live in the world forgetful, Ivanov is closer than the second knee, relationship not remembering are we. Who my sort in the fifth knee was how called the ancestor of a sort who will be able to construct the tree today? The Soviet power well tried, books church - with temples of a popalil. Let not from grafyev, and an ugly face left serfs, but who remembers himself on five generations back today. Thanks to Councils for the memory burned. Not many people have a middle name - at Russian is! In a middle name it is put patrimonial, in surnames - family, he is Poskrebyshev - the last from a sort, it Terminal - on the edge of the village lived. She is Kuznetsova, Kovalyova is the smith`s daughter, and he is Gontar, the Ukrainian - the son gontarya, Burlakov - a burlachy sort. ( Here there is no fatherland, and there are no middle names " too; - it about me).

There is time, and what we use today, will go to chests too. In the ethnographic museums. In memory of our potomok. (Or on a dump?)

I store self-made forging a hunting knife of my grandfather, the Siberian tayezhnik - a belkovshchik, his Georgy for a civil, mother`s chrisom-cloth, ottsova and materina war decorations, svekrovina a watch still of imperial times, someone`s grocery card of blockade St. Petersburg (how many tears someone for it shed), the post-war Atlas of the globe, the first notebook, the first teeth, the grandmother`s Bible where also mine is entered, and my birthday. World to your ashes, my dear. I promise your memory to keep this Chest for my children, grandsons, great-grandsons.

Whether their hand will be raised to throw out these unnecessary things?