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Who your investigator? (Which - that about a following reflex)

In the movie Caucasian captive there is such episode. The car of ambulance costs on the road: it is not got. The donkey with the horseman stops about the car and too does not want to move. All efforts of the driver and horseman do not lead to anything: blows to a cowl and to a muzzle, pushing behind a donkey and the car

the girl Suddenly appears. When it passes by the stood vehicles, the donkey shows some activity and begins to move after it. Then the car is all of a sudden got Everything starts moving!

What it is the director`s joke? Lucky find?

Very much can be that the director of the movie Leonid Gaidai spotted such phenomenon in life. It is known that the duckling who hardly hatched from egg and slightly dried follows mother - a duck to water. The puppy will run for any moving person. The crane brought in an incubator moves behind legs of the employee of a zoo

are the examples of a reflex of following illustrating its usefulness for a survival of an individual.

The following reflex is also called imprinting (zapechatlevaniye).

a following Reflex - manifestation of communication with the object of external environment shown to a newborn live organism during the first hours of life. In other words, who the first appeared under review - behind that and there is a newborn (if he already sees!) . For those who are born the blind person this reflex is shown after enlightenment.

the episode given in the beginning of article has a continuation.

Shurik (Alexander Demyanenko) on a donkey, before it goes along the road the heroine Nina (Natalya Varley). Nina looks back. It is not pleasant to it that it is persistently followed by a donkey, she sharply runs after the journey to bush thickets. The donkey follows Nina, being torn through bushes which literally pull down Shurik from a saddle.

At last, all get out to the road. Shurik asks: You can go only along the highway? Nina answers: And why? Shurik: And it follows you. Nina: It?

Shurik: Yes!

Or still. I go with 17 - the summer son on affairs. Ahead - the maiden in a miniskirt (or in a maxibelt - as you wish), on a very tall hairpin. The son quickened the pace (the girl as if moved away from us) a little, then still - and followed her! Notice, at all not in that direction where it was necessary to us! It was necessary to return it to reality - I called to him: You where went?

What here - magnetism, curiosity, immodest charm of the object fluctuating ahead? Or something absolutely another?

It is difficult to tell precisely that was with a donkey and the son, but as it seems to me, the behavior of both that, and another can serve as an illustration to to a following reflex .

About following the leader it is possible to tell that it following, the investigator - it goes following, afterwards. My wife at least so called herself: I am your investigator. In the sense that I always follow you .

And you have in a family who investigator ?

P. S. The following reflex in certain cases leads to tragic consequences.

The Group of dolphins consisting of 49 animals for four days several times appeared on a shallow. Operation on rescue of whales extremely was at a loss the fact that the animals who are towed off in the sea ran aground again. All herd managed to be returned only after far in the sea two large animals, probably, of leaders of herd were towed off. After that other dolphins stopped attempts to run aground, and the herd united .

P. P. S. I do not think that in a family the reflex of following can lead to so sad consequences.