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Than and when to feed pigs?

Everyone who has a sow, dreams to receive from her more strong pigs. But only normally developed, correctly kormlenny pigs bring a healthy issue. In an organism of the exhausted, as well as grown fat uterus, less ova are excreted. Yes they and defective therefore mothers who hardly developed in a womb embryos quite often perish. In this regard the dung is small and, besides, not leveled on live weight that strongly complicates cultivation of pigs. That is why the suporosny sow cannot be held half-starving and it is impossible to overfeed, especially with concentrates as it conducts to obesity. Surely include in a diet of a pig juicy (a silo, root crops) and green forages, a hay sechka. The daily gain of a suporosny uterus should not exceed 700 g

of Many breeders the question - when to begin to lure pigs and whether it is necessary concerns? It is necessary to lure. Early top dressing (it is desirable various) accelerates development of digestive bodies of kids, in a stomach hydrochloric acid which perniciously affects pathogenic microorganisms begins to be emitted earlier. Such pigs, as a rule, have no frustration zheludochno - an intestinal path, they eat forages after depriving better, acquire them more stoutly and put on weight more. For example, if to begin to feed up with 8 - 10 - day age, they in 60 days weigh 16 - 18 kg and more if top dressing began to be given with 20 - go day - 15 - 16 kg, and with 30 - go - weigh day only 13 - 14 kg.

The need of pigs for nutrients and water is satisfied at the expense of maternal milk only in the first days of life. So already on third day in office for kids put ware for water (better a pig-iron frying pan with high sides). For prevention of anemia (anemia) prepare solution from 2,5 g of sulfate iron, 1 g of a copper vitriol and 0,5 g of chloride cobalt on 1 l of boiled water and vypaivat to a pig one tablespoon of this solution. Already with 4 - 5 - go day accustom to eating of fried grains of barley, corn and other concentrates. Separately display in advance prepared turfs, red clay, charcoal, chalk.

From week age allow to taste skim milk. By the end of the first decade the pig can drink it on 100 g, by the end of month - 300 - 400 g, and since the second month of life - on 1 l a day. Since the same time accustom also to the tired concentrated sterns which give in the form of the friable gruel flavored at an opportunity with skim milk. On 10 - y day it is possible to feed grass meal which is reserved since summer, and on 12 - y day - the crushed greens with adding concentrates or without them. Usually pigs are taken away at two-month age. To this term they have to get stronger well. Highly nourishing mixes of concentrates in a tired look, skim milk or other waste of dairy production - on 0,5 - 3,8 kg to everyone in days are necessary for them.

For these two months counting on a pig feed mixes of concentrates of 17 - 19 kg, skim milk - 20 - 25, juicy and green forages 4 - 6 - 8, grass meal (or a small sechka) - 2 - 2,5 kg. Red carrots are especially useful. That at kids appetite,   increased; add sugar, nonfood fat and other odorous substances to a forage.

How many a forage to give every time? It is so much that pigs ate it for one or one and a half hours, no more. If the forage remained, single giving is reduced. Otherwise, the remains can become soiled and deteriorate, having eaten them, pigs will get sick. Feed up sosun to 30 - day age 4 times a day (in 6, 10, 14 and 18 h), and from 30 to 60 - day - 3 times (in 7, 12 and 17 h). At well organized top dressing for the first decade of life pigs can already increase the weight by 2 - 2,5 times, at depriving at two-month age - in 12 - 15, and in a year - by 135 - 140 times. At two farrows in a year (10 - 12 pigs in everyone) it is possible to receive 1,5 - 2 t of meat from one sow.