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What is Cuba interesting by?

to get acquainted with the island of Freedom, first of all go to Havana. Exactly here contrasts of the country best of all are visible. Be not surprised to the neighbourhood of magnificent skyscrapers with shabby houses. Also be ready to sincere cheerfulness of their inhabitants. Life of Cubans is open, it passes on the street or on a balcony. Sit to themselves, talk through the cracked windows and doors, play at a porch dominoes, play music and dance.

And in general if you dance or you want to look how dance local (and to look is on what), do not waste time, dance in Havana. A peculiar extreme during round to Cuba can be met in the evening when in some areas switch off electricity. The whole streets and quarters plunge into darkness. But to walk there as assure already visited Cuba, absolutely safely.

Cuba - the country with unique culture. Construction of socialism and poverty are oddly combined with resorts of the international level and general fun. Wake up under singing of roosters here, have a look at the streets covered with the posters To us it is good try freshly squeezed juice from a sugar cane and be glad lives together with inhabitants of the island. Call a horse with the cart instead of a taxi, and on excursion rather. Will be to look at what!

Unless it is not curious to climb up on 44 - a meter tower for supervision of slaves, to walk on the city - a labyrinth? To glance on a visit in crocodile nursery with an inscription on gate Cultivation of crocodiles - idea of revolution to feed its inhabitants, and then and most to regale on fresh crocodile meat? Unless there is no wish to turn out in 50 - x years, having seen on streets Volga and " Zhiguli;? To visit in Soviet shops where goods are given by cards? And still to come into the Museum of fight against illiteracy, to chop reed together with Cubans, to luxuriate on the beach with black sand, to come into the only Museum of history of piracy in the world... Also we will not forget to leave, of course, time for solar bathtubs on azure a berezhka, and bathings.

It is possible to say that Cuba - one of the places, best in the world, for underwater swimming safely. The shelf of the size of the decent continent, great variety of coral reeves and islands disposes to it. Excellent visibility to you will be provided by lack of strong currents.

During rest it is possible and just to swim for a while with a tube and a mask and to arrange itself night deep-water immersions for supervision over fancy coral reeves, the mysterious sunk ships, caves, tunnels, vertical walls and many other. At a depth you will meet turtles, sharks, fish - a sword, a blue marlin.

Especially the sea park and an underwater cave at the bottom of which the rocket boat, the plane and a frigate with frightening tools on the deck lie attracts. They are flooded there specially. Besides, these coast at different times had about 5000 real ship-wrecks. So it is enough material for the review.

The many people go to Cuba not only behind long-awaited rest, but also to recover from many diseases, serious and not really. The island is famous the most modern medical and SPA programs. Make them individually for each patient. Here the latest technologies in combination with favorable climate, the unique nature and the pleasant atmosphere work wonders. The last developments of gistoplatsentarny therapy for treatment of a serious and sometimes incurable illness are used.

Travel pleasant to you and unforgettable impressions!