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How to take an additional source of the income from the situations irritating you?

If the lemon got to you, make of it the " lemonade;.

Dale Carnegie

I Will tell - I to you the fairy tale from my life.

Once upon a time there were I and my wife. My wife - the terrible lover fashionable belongings . Weekly Saturday shopping for it as visit to the psychotherapist - calms. Buys generally expensive outerwear. Well, she loves this business there`s nothing to be done! I reconciled to it for a long time.

And as a figure at the wife non-standard, with teenage proportions, practically any bought thing should be remade, altered, added new elements etc. Generally, my wife long looked for the master who will be able to make everything as she wants.

Who looks for, that will always find. Already several years deal with this problem the dressmaker to whom the wife never had claims. Work, terms, councils, everything arranged, so far The prices, of course, high, but work was worth it! It was not a pity to give money to it - god though the prices everything is bit.

This Saturday we went on " shops; together. Bought a fashionable jacket to the wife and a camouflage suit (trousers and a jacket) me. Trousers at this suit were longish, but unless it is a problem when near at hand such master, I`m sorry, the skilled worker? The jacket of the wife and trousers were given in alteration . With new trousers the wife gave my old, with the instruction to make as these i.e. length of new trousers was just calculated on old.

Result. Today the wife took away a jacket and two trousers. Tried on a jacket, scrupulously checked, whether all as it is necessary. And trousers that to watch them, just threw into a package. To a jacket the wife had no claims, everything is accurate, precisely as agreed, and here new trousers Not only that they were shorter, than it is necessary, and one more trouser-leg was longer another!

To tell that the wife was in rage, nothing means to tell! Having grabbed the mobile phone, she right there called this woman, stated everything that thinks of it. I will not list unflattering epithets which she said. At the end of conversation she declared that nevermore to address this Conversation on it ended.

Never, never do so!

Everything was made incorrectly.

And how it is necessary?

1. Calm down. In fuse it is possible to do such del about which you will feel sorry for all life. And it is heavy to correct such flaws. Calm down. At least count about yourself yes the more the better.

2. Recognize the right of another for a mistake. Only the one who does nothing is not mistaken. Yes, of course, to the master of such level (we come back to our case), it is inadmissible to do so, but, all - be indulgent if earlier similar was never noticed.

3. Think over, in - the first what you would like to receive in compensation of the spent nervous energy. It is better that this decision was favorable to both (such solution can be found always), and surely provide a situation when you it is simple will send away . Than it is possible to intimidate Your opponent? But this way practically is always not constructive and is used as the latest means.

4. Having called or having met personally, at first tell the person what you appreciate him. If you address the seller or the representative of firm, add a flatter review of shop or the company. Wait some time.

5. You pass to a question essence, having presented it annoying misunderstanding. Tell that in this situation you do not blame him at all, everyone can be mistaken.

6. If is though the slightest mistake of you, honestly recognize it. Be not afraid, it you will only lift respect for yourself and will show that are ready structurally, not to offend another and it to ego-trip, and to solve a problem.

7. Having listened to the answer of the opponent up to the end whatever irritating this answer was, having kept silent a little more, ask for suggestions. Ask, this person such here as usual solves situations.

8. There are perhaps two ways. One, very probable - to you will sympathize and will offer a way of settling of the conflict. And, sometimes very favorable to you. If benefit is unevident, propose the solution which you planned in advance. It is very probable that will meet requirements of you. The second way is improbable, but is possible, especially, in our country. To you it is polite (or not really), will hint that it is your jamb and it (it, they) here at anything. Council in this situation is simple - the plan number two. Scare, a poblefuyta and try - to explain to the opponent that benefit from the decision will be to both. If it is impossible, be not upset. Over time experience will come. If it is impossible in any way, nevermore run business with this person (firm) or if it is impossible, at least consider here such negative experience.

That`s all!

And here is how the situation given above was solved.

I took the wife`s phone. Called, it was presented. Apologized for behavior of the wife. Told how long we looked for the master as we were happy (to this case) with her services. Told that everyone has a right for a mistake and, despite all event, we will address all the same it. Asked for suggestions, as if it arrived in this situation. Also became silent you know

I what I received as a result? A discount in 20% for all subsequent addresses! Neither time, nor the number of orders was stipulated, thus, I received almost lifelong discount. How many we will address, it is so much and to receive discount.

Here so!

I hope, these councils will help also you if you put them into practice as often as possible.

Good luck!