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What irritates recruits on interviews? Recently I wrote

about what irritates HR managers in people who come to them to interviews. It was offered to write about a problem and on the other hand.

Based on the wealth of experience of job search, I could draw certain conclusions which confirmed examples of my friends. So, applicants are enraged by the next moments.

Not punctuality of an eychar (HR - the manager).

It would seem if the manager sits at office, it cannot be unpunctual. But here also situations when the applicant is kept waiting in a corridor belong until the recruiter finishes interview with other person, or solves the office affairs, or will just stop drinking tea. It awfully irritates, especially if you apply for rather high position and have self-respect if your day is planned and unexpected delays do not include in your plans of today.

In a justification: Some recruiters call

it test of the person in a stressful situation : a pier, ability to wait and suffer - important qualities for the employee of serious firm.

Questions, irrelevant.

Novel, 29 years: I got a job in one terribly serious enterprise in which there was the whole department of HR managers. Interview with me was conducted at once by two, asking me such questions of which I at all never thought. Whether Well you drive the car? Why you so consider? You are able to whistle? For whom you will vote? How you chose this candidate? You good friend? Why you so think? and so on. Considering that I looked for work of the consultant for the computer equipment, questions seemed to me very strange and absolutely unnecessary. But you will not answer - will think that I hide something .

In a justification:

Many personnel workers conduct interviews according to a certain scheme, algorithm. There are no unnecessary questions, each of them is called to extend from the applicant the truth about his character, preferences, focus on foreign opinion, professional abilities.

Non-performance of arrangements.

It concerns the promise to call back to report about result (positive or negative) interviews, and also arrangements about meetings. Somehow I went for interview, previously having spoken by phone with the manager who had to wait for me. After the main work I like mad rushed off through the half-cities to the meeting place, and there I was waited by words: Sorry, I unexpectedly had affairs which need to be solved urgently. Let`s phone and will meet in other day . Of course, I did not want to call up any more, and more I at that office did not appear.

In a justification:

All of us are people, and each of us can have urgent affairs. What here you will make?

Concealment of information. worked with

Ya itself in recruitment agency and I know that sometimes the employer asks not to tell, for example, why the worker left this vacancy or what side benefits to you are put if you know about them (but you do not know - means, you will not demand). It is clear, that the agency against the customer will not go. But if you learn that important information disappeared from you, the trust to agency and to firm - the employer will fall below a plinth. By the way, even the name of the customer - probably that the applicant did not address it directly, without intermediary services of agency often is not disclosed.

Irina, 26: I graduated from the medical university, and looked for work, naturally, of the physician. The recruitment agency offered me work as the sales representative in little-known firm. Promised a high salary, fixed working hours and full social package. I had interview and was directed to the head of firm. There it became clear that the high salary is naked percent from sales without rate, and the working day - yes, eight-hour, but includes also Saturday with Sunday. I understand that people can work at such conditions, but they did not suit me. If in agency reported to me about it at once, I would not spend time for useless interviews, meetings, and would look for further .

In a justification: Personnel officers consider that it is better not to frighten the client by work details at once, and to send to

it to the employer - he will better paint work pluses in such conditions and bonuses for its performance.

Subjectivity of employees of agency.

it is difficult for b to be

objective if you conduct interview with the person to put about it a certain opinion and to draw conclusions, he answers or not to requirements of the employer. But also subjectivity has the limits. I faced what I was told: No, you do not approach to a position of the secretary according to external data No, take people with successful career in this company Something you too often changed work, longer years were not late anywhere It is unlikely . And that, maybe, therefore was not late that looked for the suitable company - here is how yours. But now hardly

Of course, in the Constitution it is called discrimination. But nobody will give you official paper that you were not accepted only because you are 36 years old, but not to 35 because you a female, stammer a little or could not answer why you vote for a certain candidate.

In a justification:

Well what here justifications? If you eliminated from - for annoying (in your opinion) trifles, you cannot complain, but can push luck once again and prove that this company from the very beginning of the existence dreamed of you!