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Why in the fall we put on in gray?

Once I had white jeans which I wore everywhere and always until they were wiped to holes. Everything is good, but in the fall and in the winter I had to put on them nearly secretly. Well where you put on white? Winter outside - mother grumbled and palmed off on me darkly - blue jeans

Fall A time of rains, dirt under legs and the gray sky. And we right there renounce light and bright things in favor of black, blue, brown, at best - gray. And inexplicably faces of people become some gray too, and even colourless, and, above all - sad and sad. In the morning the gray crowd goes to work or study, in the evening - comes back home, tired and even more sad.

Why? Why it seems to people that the fall and winter are absolutely incompatible with other flowers? September, October - still rather warmly, still it is possible to wear light jeans (even white!) a bright blouse or a sviterok, an easy scarf or a handbag of the memorable coloring. Not all at once, of course, but one some noticeable accessory will allocate you from crowd and will lighten you mood.

On the street a rain? Mood gray and sad? Take a bright umbrella which will rescue you not only from a rain, but also from melancholy! Now just huge choice of umbrellas for every taste and any pocket. Is even transparent or translucent. And you looked sometime at a rain from below up? Perhaps it will inspire you on creation of the poem, a picture or at least SMS - ki to darling.

See the clothes. For certain there are bright and light things which you in a temper put on the distant shelf as soon as on a calendar September was shown. So what is there? A belt on trousers, a striped scarf, a bag, a top (not really short) with a cool print, a raglan with multi-colored spots / strips? Or, maybe, sneakers with a bright lacing and a shirt of extreme color? In it, of course, you will not go for work. But to jump out behind bread and to please itself and people around - it is quite possible.

However, explanation to a gray phenomenon is . In - the first, light things very easily soiled, the slightest dirt or a speck on them are visible stronger, than on dark. In - the second, it is considered that dark " colors; absorb absorb light and heat of the sun which so is not enough in the oseena - the winter period. For the same reason it is not recommended to put on in the summer black things. There now, I did not think up more explanations, maybe, you will add?

Unfortunately, it is forced to recognize that even if the person will want, then to buy bright warm clothes for the winter it will be problematic. Jackets, sheepskin coats, jeans and even sweaters - generally the same dark and gloomy flowers. Yes you just look in a month at the people passing by you - any bright spot! I do not want to tell that all of them gray people also do not love bright things. Just stereotypes - devilishly strong piece, and the range of warm clothes confirms it.