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On you, my God, that to me not to a gozha or How get rid of unnecessary things in the USA?

This subject is cast to me by reasonings of commentators over article about the correct purchase of the necessary things. In discussion of article the inevitable question of necessity, uselessness and ways of disposal of unnecessary things was raised. And the subject hooked on me. Vladimir Mao complained that the hand is not raised to throw out a mother`s chest with hlamy. As I understand it. To all he is familiar? (I am promised to talk about pricelessness of contents of such chests in article preparing - That in old chests ) . As all - to arrive with unnecessary things?

My principle - what was not put on at least once a year - is not necessary. Any pity. Miss. In Salvation army or on a church market. And accustomed children.

And here is how it works in our a small cell the American society: we with the husband and all three children living separately the houses date the next cleaning of the house for some day. As a result tens of boxes of good, but unclaimed things gather (bad go just to a garbage can). When everything is ready, we in a family rummage in boxes each other - happens, will find something necessary also for yourself. Something at the brother for sisters. If it is convenient for ethical reasons, we invite close neighbors to rummage. After that boxes are sorted, and there are to them several ways to leave the house with advantage for us and other people. How it works in the USA?

Salvation army. What to us advantage? Free service - time. The second: donating for Salvation army, we can reduce taxes. Comes army the loader - the appraiser, issues the receipt with the indication of cost of your things. You can reduce article of the indirect income by this sum. Things come to consignment shops of Salvation army, are estimated and are up for sale. The gained money goes on different programs of Salvation army.

Including on a pro-forage to freeloaders - idlers. ( That do not want to work and on a velfer sit - chastushka). Velfer - a grant. From - for it at us the splinter sits: thought already - it is better to send parcels to the numerous needing Petersburg and Moscow relatives or to children`s home - some boarding school. Is to whom to give. But overseas a telushka - a half-ear and ruble transportation: this transportation of pound of weight stands up for the ocean one and a half dollars. So best of all money to send the cost of these parcels to them - will buy that it is necessary. Here also it turns out that in our nenadevanny or few times worn sound things freeloaders - velfershchik walk about, day not working in the life. Offensively to encourage drones. But there is a wish to hope that they one get not all, and falls into really needing labor hands. All right, there will be enough experiences, to business.

There are also other ways as it works in the USA:

Garage - a sale individual. you go to police, you take permission. You paste over with leaflets the area (later are obliged to remove). You take out tables, counters, hangers, furniture, are big, children`s - everything that superfluous, in the garage or on the lawn in front of the house. You paste price tags. All weekend you sit and you trade.

Is accepted for stopping to have cold water, ice, the coffee pot boiling all day. To children - a vase with candies. To dogs - water in a pan. Minuses - stay at home all weekend.

The block - garage the sale collective - Unites quarter (the block on - our), community - the same picture, it is only possible to ask to look after the neighbor and most to leave. To replace each other. It is accepted to decorate the block with tapes, balloons, to besides cover a little table with drinks and zayedka. Besides to include a music more loudly. It is very useful as good chance to communicate to neighbors in the block, on beer - another, to bandy neighbour`s affairs.

Muv - a miss a sale: you sold the house, move. Everything that on sale - costs in the house on the places, a trifle everyone in a beysment (first floor), either on a verandah, or in the yard. Right there illegal immigrants - meksa with trucks turn - to take out furniture or that heavy (they the first vyznat such halturka). Such sale can be carried out without the permission of police. Through leaflets and publications in the newspaper. New settlers often hunt for muv - a miss. A good way to arrange to itself empty housing for small money. All understand that to the owner transportation will cost dearer.

Ramidzh sale: Parishioners will take the stuff in church and trade in church. Money or themselves takes away, or as arrival will solve, - for needs of a community.

A lazy way - exposure of things is simple. Each area has a schedule of spring large-size cleaning. By this day old computers, furniture, collections of books, unused building materials, refrigerators, TVs, i.e. everything that hosts decided to expose are taken out. In rich areas it is possible to arrange the apartment in one day and to gather almost everything necessary. Boxes are inscribed (ware, bed linen, books, BRIC - about - marriage, footwear etc.) it is necessary to take away all box, it is not necessary to rummage. On office equipment write - working or what should be inserted there. Nobody protects. The good just faces 2 days the house on a lawn or on the back avenue (the avenue - the narrow street - the drive behind between houses for machine harvesting of trash cans). What people did not sort, pomoyshchik on a dump take away. These days it is possible to see many rattletraps which are driving about in rich areas. Each other prompt where what to look for, exchange aimings. Too cool to see - hunting!

And, at last, the flea market , flimarkt. My darling. Flea market. It is possible to bring the stuff and to sit to potorgovat. The place stands 5 dollars, a good big parking. - a platform to take the cart for dollar, and on it to spread out goods, it is possible to employ Mexicans to drag. It is possible to establish a canopy for couple of dollars. It is possible to organize a big awning. Trade in Sidi.

Blokhushka - not just a market, a flea market. Oh, it is the poem! Vagrant musicians, the jazz - gangs, violinists, conjurers, delivery boys of pizza, sellers of hotdog. Buffoonery is such interesting! Babel, confusion of languages, races and cultures. There are Hindus in turbans - aromas sell, Africans - masks, amulets, in the African clothes; dog lovers, aelurophiles, hen houses, akvariumshchik. Everywhere music, the people suddenly will start dancing spontaneously, will start singing. Muzzles at all cheerful. It is visible, and to pobalaganit what not for the sake of kopek to earn here (and the prices ridiculous at all). And nearby - farmer trays - all from a gryadochka. In the spring seedling, summer of an ogorodin everyone. I like to go there. You do not notice how day passed. There zyrknut something, there has a snack, there you will stop the Black with a saxophone to listen. Once saw the Russian with an accordion - on Hills of Manzhouli played. A plateau before it. And we threw the dollar there. You go - the fortuneteller with tarot cards sits. Everything for couple of dollars will tell you. Sometimes, if polices are not afraid, will pit roosters. Patsanchiki black the lower break is manufactured.

What there are only no miracles on a bloshikha, not to oskazat all. And this smell of popcorn, taka - a burrito and aromas over the area, both a rumble, and hubbub, and music... carnival and only. Already every Saturday - Sunday from 6 in the morning to 6 in the evening. It is that holiday which, according to Ham, always with you. By the way - flimarketa - a good running in for amateur fate - performers. Not the ticket bought it to you and sit listen even if it is bad. Here the people vote legs. And when well execute - black stand sing along, rock in a step, podvizgivat. As gospels - spirituals in churches black. The jimjams takes sometimes. The people forgot what it followed, and will stand and listen. If you want to see the real America - here it, in pure form.

However recently the bad tendency appeared - to small private little shops allowed to put the tents on a flea market. On me, it deprives of it a market element - buffoonery. The old man with the nuts, screw-drivers and a two-three of old hours is more pleasant to me. It is only it Where it is pure also light- on - Hemovski. Its world - in public. Nobody drives the old man. I love book bazaars. Trays with small things of everyone. Sometimes such antikvarshchina you will grab, it does not have the price. And someone thought: On you, my God, that to us not to a gozha also threw out on a tray. And all edomo there. On vsyak goods - the merchant. But all together - a holiday.

The parable speaks: the conjurer - the foreigner came into the temple. Juggler, buffoon, buffoon. Osiyalsya, and is not able to pray. Walked a somersault on a synagogue. His Jews, and the Lord of the speech began to beat: leave it, any prayer is pleasing to the Lord. And at us - vsyak in own way. And all is necessary.

Here is how this question cheerfully and gracefully is solved in America. What and to fellow countrymen I wish.