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You beginner. It is accident. What to do?

Pleasure overflow you. New qualitative level. You have a new salary, a possibility of receiving, say, housing, invaluable experience, creative growth. Yes you never know the pleasant moments change of a kind of activity bears in itself. And everything is good, and wings are already ready to tear off you from the earth behind the back and to carry away on the seventh sky. In any case the seventh... if not one small but . You the beginner in this case, in this collective. And only one thought of it from time to time frightens.

With what to begin? How to behave with colleagues - there is a lot of them? How to experience and choose that footpath which will lead you to success and prosperity, to respect and support? Yes, it is similar, it can become a serious problem. How to reduce above-mentioned but to the microscopic " sizes; on - but ? And in general, whether perhaps it?

Following internal ambitions, I decided to begin the life on this project with such article. More than days ago I did not know about it anything at all. Now some duality of feelings divides my soul into two parts. Very much familiar feeling. Possessing not so long length of service at three enterprises, I, nevertheless, drew some conclusions for myself. Well there is a strong wish to share them!

Of course, more wishes will be to beginners. These wishes are simple as they a simple pencil and are old as idea of collectivization.

1. Do not try to please as it is possible for the bigger number of people for record-breaking short period. Such servility most often has the return expected effect. At least already from - for the fact that you are not absolutely informed on an alignment of forces in collective and the developed groups.

2. Do not philosophize. Oh, how many time was necessary to listen to phrases at lectures somehow spoke to us or and I in the magazine read ! Believe, your colleague Maria Ivanovna, perhaps, before you was perfectly informed on the latest technologies which were carefully brought to you in ears by teachers at lectures. And the discount for your lack of information on small amendments for vital realities to you will be allowed, alas, not always.

3. Do not show visible fear of the administration. If you change in the person, a voice and behavior at emergence in a doorway of your boss, it will not be able to characterize you from the best party in his eyes.

4. He is grateful accept councils. Believe this council, it is trouble-free. Here you will kill not less than two hares in any way. The vanity of the senior colleague will be umashcheno, council most often will be really valuable, and from you will not decrease if you tell thanks for fine council .

5. Try not to advise skilled workers in the things carrying the status the soared " turnip;. It very irritates them. Nevertheless, proverb eggs cannot teach a hen she was born by the people not for nothing and still does not demand serious updating.

6. You remember: relations regular guy between colleagues develop not in one week. And if you saw how your colleagues friendly clap each other on a back and release venomous jokes, at the same time infectiously laughing, it does not mean that the same behavior will be of you accepted any of them with the same enthusiasm.

I had very few councils, or rather one. This time it does not concern beginners. Skilled workers, I ask you: you remember that the beginner feels, and at least sometimes instead of taking pleasure from it not knowingly - a delighted look, cross the principles and explain him everything on fingers. So you will earn much more respect from its party. You remember, please, that each of us, regardless of age, an experience and other indicators at any time can be a beginner. And then mutual understanding and patience will be our best assistants.