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How to learn to make eyes ?

To Make eyes - one of the most innocent, but also at the same time one of the most effective receptions to draw to itself attention of persons opposite (and sometimes and the)) a floor. It would seem what can be simpler, but, alas, many people hesitate or just are not able to do it. And it very much lightens mood and can have quite pleasant consequences. Therefore there is a wish to share experience.

Is natural, men and women make eyes differently, namely to IT and in her look there is a different implication. When people make eyes - they the look bear the minimum information that the person at whom they look is pleasant to them and INTERESTS them.

To make this psychological capture it is possible everywhere, but is more effective - in those places where the situation allows not to think of problems not to run into aggressive-minded companions.

So, the object is chosen, she makes eyes:

At first the look has to gain such wandering pensiveness. The girl slowly drives eyes in the lifeless objects which are settling down from her at distance 1,5 - 2 meters. It is desirable that these objects were near object of attention. On a face at the girl an easy half-smile. For 3 - 5 seconds a look the girl stops on the man, then again looks away on something that settles down near it. If the man did not pay attention (that will be most likely) to the first attempt, it is necessary to pobluzhdat a look about it again, and then to be late a view of longer time again. Such " system; I look - not - I look allows the girl most to get used and more safely to look at the one who is pleasant. As soon as the eye of object is caught, it is necessary to look at the man slightly longer (for 2 - 3 seconds), than it becomes between strangers. He will notice at once, but will show no sign. Means that externally reaction can not be shown, and will be (as it on science) unconscious allocation from the general crowd of the specific person .

Now when the man knows that that girl watches at him more, than usually, he will involuntarily pay attention to what she does. At this moment the girl starts up heavy artillery in fight. Her look even more often stops on it. In that case it is not necessary to stare directly. It is possible to incline the head a little aside and to look so askance at object.

For roles of seductresses actresses have a special reception to which they are taught. It consists here in what: a look on a triangle (1 - 2 - 3) and on two points (1 - 3). According to the name, in the first case the girl at first looks in the face to the man - 1 point, then takes them aside - the 2nd point, then looks down - the 3rd point, then again lifts up eyes on the man. Further looks again down - 1 point, and again at the man - the 3rd point. It is possible to be trained at home in front of the mirror - it is learned as a sheaf in dance, and in practice is reproduced already automatically.

What in the people is called " is very effective; messages eyebrow . It is possible, having inclined the head aside, two times purposely to blink, without losing at the same time a faint smile.

By the way, about a mirror. Men subconsciously know that if the girl wants to be pleasant, she will surely want to look at herself in a mirror - whether well she looks. It is possible to play on it. Take a pocket mirror, but not powder, not lipstick, and a simple small pocket mirror. Having made sure that the man sees how you smarten up, look in him (anything without doing at itself on a face), then transfer to a moment a view of the man and again in a pocket mirror. Openly let know that you want to be pleasant to this person. He will understand it or is conscious, or at the level of an instinct.

It is important to concentrate not on that, as well as where to look, and on air thoughts which will be written in your eyes (you want that or not). In your look it has to be largely written FLIRTATION. This flirtation does not oblige to anything, but it is.

to bear such information, it is necessary to think of air. For example, concentrate on the phrase: Oh, as it is interesting to me who this man! I am confused, but would like to get acquainted with it . Men of course do not read mind, but will feel power.

Be not afraid to look lightly. Be more courageous, and good luck surely will smile to you!