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What we love " for; queen of fall ?

In spite of the fact that the fall already came into the own, bright echoes of summer still are present at a type of a rich harvest of vegetables, fruit and berries. One of unusually useful gifts of this season is the beauty - pumpkin. By the way, it, as well as a water-melon, experts call " berry; Pumpkin tasty and useful, it can be stored almost all winter.

Pumpkin is an annual grassy plant which gives in to cultivation absolutely worldwide unless except Antarctic. This culture numbering more than 50 grades is rather drought-resistant. At the same time it spends a lot of moisture which gets thanks to powerfully developed root system. In comparison with other types of melon cultures (a water-melon, a melon), pumpkin is steadier against cold.

Once davny - long ago the ancient trace of pumpkin was found in Peru. Scientists dug out there the parking of the ancient person which was dated in the third millennium B.C. They found the hardened pumpkin which, apparently, served as a vessel for water storage in one of primitive dugouts. To Russia pumpkin was delivered only at the beginning of 19 - go centuries. Now in our country it occupies the huge spaces. Three types of pumpkin (tvyordokory or ordinary, large-fruited and muscat) grow up practically in all areas, except Far North.

Than this is useful a miracle - " berry;?

1. Fruits of pumpkin are rich with carbohydrates, especially sugars and starch.

2. pumpkin contains a set of vitamins C, B1, B2, B12, PP etc. of

3. Besides, in it a number of the major minerals - potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron is.

4. One of pumpkin advantages, undoubtedly, call the rich content of vitamin A. In its pumpkin approximately as much, how many and in carrots. Therefore pumpkin dishes are especially recommended to people with the weakened sight and diseases of eyes. Besides, vitamin A increases immunity that, you see,

is actual with cold weather approach when the risk of infection with catarrhal diseases is rather high.

5. Pumpkin should be loved that who carefully keeps the figure, its fruits are low-calorie (only 24 kcal on 100 g).

6. It possesses easy diuretic action. At the hypertension and hypostases caused by heart failure, experts advise to eat not less than 200 g of pumpkin a day in any kind.

7. Pumpkin juice is useful at diseases of kidneys and a bladder: cystitis, pyelonephritis and stones in kidneys. For prevention of an urolithic illness of times in three months conduct a three-week course of treatment pumpkin juice which glass is drunk every morning before a breakfast.

Pumpkin sunflower seeds On it advantages of pumpkin do not come to an end with

. If you glance in this surprising plant, then will easily find there sunflower seeds which, as well as pumpkin, are very useful. They can be used crude (previously it is necessary to dry up), fried, or to add to taste to other dishes, for example, salads. In pumpkin sunflower seeds there is a lot of zinc and protein (to 28%). And gland in them so many that even a small amount satisfies daily need of an organism for this substance. Besides, pumpkin sunflower seeds prevent presenilation and are capable to stimulate functions of gonads. And still it is useful for future mummies to gnaw them for reduction of morning nausea.

Harvests... I can tell

With pride that in our region (Volgograd region) pumpkin, as well as water-melons (the most tasty grow in Russia at us), is unusually popular. If the smallest pumpkin weighs slightly less than a kilogram, then the biggest which in power to grow up in the field or on a kitchen garden, can reach 250 kg. And it is not a limit But while our local farmers compete among themselves at agricultural exhibitions, world records on cultivation of pumpkins - giants belong to foreign colleagues.

For example as reports www. beseder. co. the huge fruit weighing 558 kilograms is recognized by il, a record. To bring such pumpkin on an agricultural festival to California, to her owner, 55 - to the summer farmer Joel Holand, the truck and the whole mountain of towels which it closed huge vegetable from the scorching sun " was required;. Spaniards who grew up not one pumpkin weighing more than 420 kilograms do not lag behind in this field also. To remove them from a bed, the crane, and was necessary for transportation - the truck.

Here such it, queen of fall Eat, friends, pumpkin and good luck!