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How to keep mutual understanding in a family after appearance of the child?

Unfortunately, happen so that the birth of the child does not pull together parents, predictably, and, on the contrary, becomes the reason of their quarrels and misunderstanding. Often it leads to stains what both the kid, and mother with the father suffers from. And to suffer each other only for the sake of the baby and to pretend that everything is all right and you quite happy family, is not necessary too, from it can become even worse.

How to keep mutual understanding and, thereby, really to strengthen the replenished family? There are three things about which it is impossible to forget and which it is necessary to treat seriously: MY I mother`s and I father`s.

You should not be fond of creation of community " too; MY and to forget about existence I family members but also to assume that MY broke up to small pieces owing to development of persons I too it is impossible. Paying attention to own development, you watch that it did not become to the detriment of other family members, you remember that too strong leaving in itself increases a distance between spouses, from - for what the kid loses oshchushchuny family nest which is so necessary for it and is expensive.

Find free evening, sit down with the spouse and quietly develop, outlining personal space of each of you. Sincere matrimonial dialogue will help with many situations.

The relations between mother and the father are shown to the child by prmiyer of expression of the feelings, both negative, and positive. The conflicts and difficulties in the relations with children are overcome easier if parents do not forget about the value of own relations. In process of a growing of children, parents should change to them the relation, to give more freedom from which also responsibility comes.

If the kid has a brother or the sister, parents should not interfere with their children`s conflicts if they about it are not asked. Excessive parental vmeshatelsvo can spoil the relations between children. Better on the, adult an example to show how independently to resolve the developed conflicts.

For preservation of freshness of feelings surely try to find an opportunity for communication alone with the spouse, with friends, with each of children. Do not forget about sex! On it the excellent base of a strong family is under construction. Look for new in each other. Pay attention to yourself and the growth, but do not forget about development of the relations with other family members. Remember that freedom of one comes to an end where freedom of another begins. Do not forget that children will grow up, and the value of the matrimonial relations will remain.

Try to find time regularly to be engaged in some business together! It is possible to go to the cinema, in cafe, in a zoo, it is simple to draw or read - generally anything, the main thing ALL TOGETHER!

The family is a continuous work!