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Whether Verna ordinary beliefs about children - taciturn persons?

In our rough century to grow up the child oh as it is not simple. What only misfortunes do not threaten it and his parents. Against all these koklyushy, meningitis and banal colds the delay of speech development (DSD) often remains unaddressed fathers and mothers. And meanwhile almost every fourth little man suffers from it.

Fondly believing that over time everything will fall into place, based on ordinary statements, parents do not hurry to see a doctor. Whether Verna these statements? Whether the correct conclusions are drawn from them by parents? Let`s talk about it.

The reason of a delay of speech development - the complicated course of pregnancy or difficult childbirth . This correct statement. Early stages of pregnancy are especially important. Premature, long or prompt birth, patrimonial injuries, fruit asphyxia, the long waterless period - these complications of childbirth can lead to violations of normal formation of the speech too.

But based on the correct knowledge, parents sometimes do soothing for themselves and a conclusion, extremely harmful to the child: What else to wait for? After such childbirth (such pregnancy), the delay of the speech is natural and over time will pass . The child, of course, most likely, will start talking, but without medical intervention of a consequence can be unpredictable.

The arrest of development of the speech is connected with lag in mental development . It is impossible to put to the child an end at all. Yes, ZRR is often combined with a delay of mental and psychomotor development. But timely treatment allows not only to catch up with peers, but often and to outdo them. Treatment should be begun on the first year of life.

Parents should show concern if the child after put begins to sit down, to stand or go. On average, by two years the lexicon has to make about ten words, in two and a half - three years the child begins to speak phrases.

Girls begin to speak before boys . Despite the lack of a reasonable explanation, in most cases it quite so.

Twins long do not talk because they understand each other without words . Twins have no special language and there is not always ZRR. ZRR reasons at them are covered usually in features of childbirth, for example from - for oxygen starvations. Therefore the late speech of twins is the same illness, as well as at all children.

Delays of speech development are caused by the social reasons . The started children who are not receiving a necessary portion of communication, as a rule, really suffer from violations of development of the speech. Similar difficulties arise at children whose parents speak different languages. Also heredity is important: if parents began to speak late in due time, the same problem can arise also at children.

Among lefthanders speech delays meet more often . The speech and motive centers are concentrated in the left cerebral hemisphere while at lefthanders right is more developed. Therefore the child - the lefthander usually begins to talk a little later.

Toys help get to talking child . In a cerebral cortex the departments which are responsible for development of articulation and manual motility are located a row and closely connected. Therefore development of hands and fingers promotes development of the speech. You teach the child to button, tie laces, to mold and draw. Encourage games with pyramids, designers, cubes, mosaics and puzzles.

Do not believe leisure fictions that the child will grow up it what was born. Education is a long and labor-intensive process. What the child will grow up as he will be adapted for realities of our life and as there will be his life, in many respects depends on us, parents.