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How to buy a hamster?

the Cage is bought, the grass is slanted and prepared. Now came a turn and the hamster. Someone has to inhabit the bought cage filled with fragrant hay? Purchase of this amusing big-eared animal - a difficult step. Realize that you take home the friend for long two years, and it is necessary to approach it with full responsibility. So, hamster

1. There is a lot of breeds of hamsters. Before buying, it is necessary to be defined - what representative of a look you would like to observe nightly. After were defined, the visit of shop will be the following step. Your choice has to allow if as in shop there can not be no breeds of your dream and you will be forced to leave for spare option.

2. Pay attention to activity of animals in a cage. It is necessary to remember that in the afternoon hamsters sleep therefore it is better to choose a hamster in the evening. It is not recommended to take sleeping extremely as it can indirectly testify to various pathologies of an animal. Also it is necessary to look narrowly whether the seller for increase of activity of the pets does something. If does, then be safely developed and you leave.

3. To you the couple of active hamsters attracted. You do not hurry to call up the seller, for a start understand, you want to get the boy or the girl. The difference is, and it is quite essential. At the Syrian hamsters of a female more business, economic and independent, males - more good-natured, it is easier to convince them simply to sit of hands at the owner. At adult females approximately time in four days happens a techka at which the small animal can smell quite strongly. At dwarfish hamsters, on the contrary, sources of an unpleasant smell usually are feral males who very strongly mark a cage. Dwarfish females cannot physically mark a cage therefore practically do not smell.

4. It is worth asking about existence of the medical certificate on an animal. Ideally it has to be. Unfortunately, hamsters cost little and do not justify cost of receiving similar paper, an inoculation in shop with it too do not do. So, most likely, to you nothing will be shown.

5. It is necessary to examine attentively a hamster close regarding trade dress . Skin has to be pure, the wool which is not felted without bald spots. Also on supervision: I did not happen to see healthy hamsters practically.

Important council in conclusion: there is it that you only darted a fleeting glimpse at a cage, and fell in love at first sight in charming lop-eared creation. Take safely, the person chooses and estimates within some seconds, and often this right choice.