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How to bring out of hen house of pincers?

Despair some poultry breeders to get rid of pincers in hen houses: Chicken tick anything not a beret. Especially behaves violently in the summer, by fall hides. Already, which year we conduct ruthless fight against this parasite, but nothing helps . On some poultry farms this problem is brilliantly solved with assistance of foreign experts.

Hen houses at many poultry breeders - fans are made of different material from clay to slag stones and fire-resistant bricks. From within are covered, whitewashed by lime solution - good constructions, but there is one small detail - the tick finds a shelter in the smallest cracks and dredging to himself. Slightly will become warmer outside, the tick begins the work . At first sticks into legs of hens, then creeps on their body. Instead of in day off to have a rest, it is necessary to potter with a bird - to part hlorofos (2 spoons of powder on a water bucket) and to bathe hens. And so for summer of 5 - 6 times. Besides, applied also other means which, it seems, had to ruin a tick: burned down rubber, sulfur in a hen house, zapalivat smoke grenades, watered walls kreoliny, and who knows with what else wild it was not necessary to poison with ways a tick.

Tried means separately and all disturbed together - for a week was enough, and further the tick came to life again. Once one of poultry breeders experimented - put a tick in bank and held 7 months without food, without water. The parasite dried, became thinner than a tissue paper. Then placed him to a chicken, and in an hour the tick got drunk blood and is live - though that. Asked local veterinarians for the help. They advise a hen house to burn and make new. And how? Structure circle. However, there is one strong means from a tick. He perishes from blowtorch fire. As you will walk a flame on cracks, only the crash costs.

What to do with a tick? More or less saving way bathing of hens in solution of a hlorofos is considered. Write that greasing of wooden parts of hen house the tar harmless to birds helps. It is necessary to take itself for the rule at least once a year, in the spring, to clean all room, and also to bleach walls. It is useful to make preventive processing and in the fall, before wintering. The purity is more strictly maintained, the ticks - parasites lodge less often, the it is healthier than a chicken. For the period of processing the bird is deleted from a shed.

Well and if you absolutely despaired of fight against pincers and decide to burn the hen house teeming with them, at construction of a new hen house set to yourself the task - not to make for a tick room for moving. Wooden walls have to be carefully ostrugana, then are well bleached. And it is quite good to add carbolic acid to lime (will not kill, so will frighten off from the settlement). Brick walls smoothly plaster cement or lime, bleach and straighten all roughnesses, deepenings, corners, cozy for a tick.

Take also advice of the epidemiologist and parasitologist: I Suggest before putting up walls, to grease the boards beaten with an overlap (that part which will appear from within), solid oil. If you upholster with plywood or the pressed paper - the same. Heat to boiling in a bucket solid oil and a brush, without pressing, miss the mark with it boards. So I made when I covered in a hen house a ceiling from boards at myself in economy. Applied with a thin layer on everyone hot solid oil, then stacked on boards roofing felt, on it sawdust, and ashes. Solid oil 2 kg left. Accident forced to pay attention to it. Breaking old hen house, found in it, has to be, billions of these parasites. And six boards at me were smeared with solid oil and on them pincers did not appear. Reconstructing the room, I considered this business and here result: two years a tick do not appear .

And here some poultry breeders - fans got rid of pincers in a hen house by means of a quartz lamp. When developing a universal method decided to find out the reasons of influence of solid oil and a quartz lamp on a tick. Here also experience of the western experts who conducted researches and found out that as a part of solid oil there is some component which name did not remember which interferes at young pincers with development of the device of reproduction helped. The quartz lamp, in turn, works blindingly and disorients ticks. Therefore sharing of these two ways also gave necessary effect.

Does not prevent to add to it purity, an order, observance and any tick at you will never lodge in hen house of rules of sanitation and if lodged, then from it there will be no trace left also.